Intel OpenGL 2.0+ ... Finally!

I was just browsing around, and I see that Intel has finally released their OpenGL 2.0 drivers for the X3100 (And maybe X3000, I’m not sure.) Chipsets! :smiley:

Intel Download center:

I’m updating now, and hoping that it’ll allow me to use some of the new Graphics features of the game I play. :yes:

Now this will excite some programmers.

If you can play it that is, Intel’s cards are just basement level in performance compared to Nvidia and ATI cards.


If Intel sucks ? Why Amd is crashing down with his Ati in the face of Intel and Nvidia ?

Intel and Nvidia have a collaboration from years!

Intel , Nvidia , Microsoft check the status > Amd Ati
Even Mac`a have now a Intel processor…

So not say a brand is slow cause you think so.

Intel X3000 is a consumer brand not a professional level and is equal in performance to a Geforce FX 5000 in Direct 3d games.

Yes, the Intel cards are slightly on the weak side, but mine performs much better than I ever would have expected. It’s a 965, and it’ll get me 109 FPS on a few 3d games, and 60+ FPS on Nexuiz… but it drops fast when games start throwing in special effects, like particles.

Has anyone had success with the new Intel GLSL drivers, and Yo Frankie? It didn’t work here for me ( got blank screen, but music played and hit messages in console window ).

Or have you tried the latest Blender build, with normal GLSL style view for scenes?

It’ll be interesting to hear various different experiences…