Intel pentium D 950


I would like to know if the Intel pentium D 950 (3.4 GHz) is a real double-core, and if it is recomandable for 3d rendering.

all pentium D’s are Dual Core AFAIK.


Euh… Sorry, but what does AFAIK mean ?

AFAIK it means “As far as I know”.

yes pentium d’s are true dual core.
go with amd though. any amd chip will beat an intel chip.

single core to dual core for rendering

i rendered a pic on my amd 3200+ @ 2.6ghz 512k l2 cache. it took about 1m 10s

i rendered the same pic on my opteron 165 @2.7ghz with 1mb of l2 cache. it took 32s.

imo amds will be better. they use less power, and create less heat. and a pentium d will use tons of power and create lots of heat.

teh dual core amd’s are the x2 series.

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FWIW, I agree with hydravien to go for AMD.

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wtf does wtf mean

actually i am not recomending AMD’s right now.

i went from a 2.4Ghz P4 to a 3200+ AMD. in all honesty the AMD ain’t much better.

yes they use less power compared to the P4 range. but the PentiumM range dominates even AMD on power usage, and the P4 on performance.

the DDR2 with Intel stuff really DOES make a difference.

64bits hasn’t really hit yet except Linux and maybe OSX (dunno about that though) so Dual core may be more benificial than 64bit.

both system architectures are comparible in price. they are pretty damn comparible infact.

i’d go with either. i have used both AMD and Intel and have an AMD in my system right now. but i am not all that impressed by it to be honest.


id have to disagree with you on that one. i have used p4’s and i find them much slower than a similar p4 system.

if you want to wait, wait until socket am2 comes out in 2 months and it will support ddr2.

not to start an arguement, but my ddr ram gets my amd just abotu 7gb/s of bandwidth from sandra. a pentium 4 ee gets 5700mb/s.

i am biased to amd’s. we only use p4’s at work and i dont like them. but even me, as an amd user, i am looking at the new archetecture for intel. its supposed to be faster than a amd, whcih would definitly be appealing. the pentium m is an expensive chip. its not dual core, and its designed for a laptop. yes they have the preformance edge, but id still prefer a desktop chip.

just curoius, why do you think the ddr2 makes a big difference?

(everyone watch as I piss off royally the Intelwhore/kiwi/sheepdoer)

Then just get a quad powermac and STFU.

may as well get a Via Eden board.


From the Tom’s Hardware CPU test the Pentium D sucks at pretty much everything. The low end X2s are faster than the quickest D (the 950) at all tests.

Get a Pentium EE or an AMD if you value performance.


a pentium ee???

why would you waste your money on those. even on an amd fx60? they (amd) are just opteron server cpu’s or toledo cores that have their multiplier unlocked, and are on higher quality silicon.

yes many fx60’;s have pushed past 3ghz, but they are ~1250 cad, which isn worth it imo.
especially since x2 3800’s and opterons have surpassed them in preformance.

in sandra, my cpu beats the dual core ee on one half of the benchmark, yet the ee beats it on the toher.

if you want value preformance, get a stable motherboard, and a 3200+ for single core or a x2 3800+ or opteron 165 for dual core.

i dont have the same experience with intel, but i can see from the benchmarks, right now, amd is the way to go.

if intel made beter cpu’s id flop. but they dont, so an amd man i shall be

Not everyone wants to overclock, for me I value my quiet too much at the moment, and an overclocked system is even more difficult to cool quietly than my rig currently is.

I’d personally rather have a vanilla fast cpu relaxed and cool than an overclocked slower cpu streaming heat from every pore.

Vanilla the Pentium EE are the only Intels that compete at all with AMD.

Some people just want Intel, and those are the only ones that perform.

Just a viewpoint. Yours is also correct, just for different goals.


AMD X2s are faster than Intel Pentium D processors but lets look at the price.

Pentium D 820 = $395 (my currency)
the AMD chip that is closest, but 20% faster than it.
AMD X2 3800+ = $579

Price performance is the biggest factor, not who has the fastest chip (unless your pocketbook has lots of cash in it)

At the time of my first computer i got a P4 2.4ghz (4 years ago) its price performance was the best.

At the time of my second comptuer i got a AMD 3200+, its price performace was the best.

for the Dual Cores, the Pentiums (being slower than the AMDs, and thus cheaper) are beating AMD on price performance.

in 3 months it might be totally different.

Fanboys are illogical, you gotta look at the stats at the time to mak a decision.

both systems are supported enough out their that it doesn’t makea difference.

thats the reason why i bought my 3200+, and then upgraded to a 165. my 3200+ was a nice processor, but i needed more speed. i bought the proc for its preformance-value ratio.

alltaken wow at those prices…

pentium d 920

AMD 3800+
amd 3200+

i am not a fanboy, but i just have never personally owned an intel processor. i have always been with amd because they were the fastest at the time of upgrading.

imo, overclocking in moderate amounts doesnt yeild much more noise. when i got my 165 it came with the newer heatpipe coolers stock, which also cool the fx60’s and 4800+'s, whcih means that it can handle 2.6ghz. granted, it wont be the quietest thing around, but it wont be overly loud.

i have a liquid cooling setup in my rig now, not because of noise, but because of convenience. not the second day i had this motherboard, my chipset fan died (it was a noisy bugger too). i contacted the place i bought it from for an rma. they wanted my board back. it runs a 24/7 server, so that wasnt a possibility, sending my board away for weeks, and paying for the exorborant shipping costs.

the only decision you need to make is who you want to go with. amd’s are the fastest now, but that will soon change with the new socket from amd and the new archetecture from intel.

todays fast is tomorrows slow