Intel Raptor Lake initial info; BIG+little+little?

Spotted: 24 cores and 32 threads, Intel plans Raptor Lake designs with more E-cores this time. (
For those who wonder what the title is about, Intel is slated to release its highest ever number of cores on a chip, sounds good for rendering and simulation right?

Compared to what Zen4 is supposed to bring, not exactly. The number of big performance cores will not change, what Intel will do instead is add even more efficiency cores for light to moderate computing tasks (so application developers will have to put even more work into how to best utilize the chip to bring a noticeable boost in performance). In short, the efficiency cores will now outnumber the high performance ones 2 to 1. There are rumors meanwhile of upcoming Alder Lake models with just P cores, but nothing has been confirmed.

Perhaps then, the really big boosts will come with Meteor Lake (because of the higher yields, additional flexibility, and lower power draw that often comes with MCM designs), but if you have Alder Lake or Zen3 chip already, then next year’s Intel chip may not be a solid upgrade choice.