Intel roadmap news; 'Lake' refreshes at 14nm may continue through 2021

Other than Intel going to 10 cores, the next two generations seem to indicate yet more refreshes with the names “Comet Lake” and “Rocket Lake”.

The only way I could see people diverting their interest away from AMD’s roadmap for the time being is if Intel confirmed the idea that this is where their modular-chip/chip-stacking technology will be deployed.

It also doesn’t help that 10nm production will still not be across all of Intel’s product lines as the desktop parts will remain at 14nm (while AMD and Nvidia go down to 7nm).

Supposedly, Tim Keller of Zen fame could get Intel’s R&D into high gear again eventually, but there looks to be a tough road. While AMD is the favorite among many right now, I wouldn’t be surprised if Lisa Su decides to start an upward price trend for Ryzen, especially if they come out ahead in single-threaded performance (for reasons such as reduced competition, more R&D money for the Radeon brand, and making up for many years of being in the red).

Nothing is confirmed at this point noting the various roadmap changes made, but this is going to do a lot of work in feeding the rumor of 10nm being dead.