Intelligent Arms

Some of U may know that satiric picture saying: “Video games - Why waste good technology on science & medicine?” With my postcount I won’t be able 2 give U a link anyway, so just use google, if U don’t know what I mean.
Some recent weired discussion on german Blender-Forum “Blendpolis” just provided me the motivation 4 realizing an idea based on the aforementioned picture.

greetings, Kologe


That post is quite impactful - the message it sends is glaringly. I like the approach you used.

This would fit right in at “products for progressives” I don’t think they pay for designs, but if you want to see it on a T-shirt you might submit it.

BTW - I like this a lot. Good stuff!

Maybe fix his face first, something is really off. I do like it. and his fingers look like sausages :slight_smile:

LOL we need a record necropost award. This may be the oldest I’ve seen.

I’m not knocking it. I know it’s probably “recommended topics” trickery and I don’t mind necroposts or threads never being locked as long as I remember to hover on the thread age indicator before clicking in and look at the date of last post on page.

Notice my last post indicator on the page (pic below). That’s to keep me from replying when I do click into a necropost. I’ve missed that in the past and replied to the late reply, so I made it huge.

I just thought this was funny (it’s late here). Especially when I looked to see if the OP was still active here and saw his last topic opener was requesting the auto locker be turned on. Lol again!

No harm done. Btw yes I agree that face is kinda screwy. The OP should dig it up and make it right. It’s stinkin’ up the internet! (Nah, just kidding. I kinda like it. :slight_smile: )

Thanks for the laugh even tho it was by accident.

Welcome to BA forums. Have a good weekend!