Intelligent image resizing. Very clever.

A mighty fine idea, and not that hard to implement. Seems to entail dynamic programming (a backtracking numerical method).

Wow! and so natural, like water finding the path of least resistance.



This was at this year’s SIGGRAPH. Impressive stuff.

What’s even more impressive is that this has already been implemented as a GIMP plugin. :smiley:

Very interesting : that is so clever and elegant …
I hope he protected the idea: Adobe, Corel and co won’t be long to react.
Or does this technology already exist on mainstream softwares ?

Thanks for showing us this video !

EDIT Arf sorry Fweeb: i didn’t see your post

The best part is, there’s already a GIMP plugin for it: “Liquid Resize”. Comes with the masking features.

Theres another thread on this somewhere.

Anyway, it’s also pretty easy to code. Just use what’s basically an A* search to find the cheapest path. Only takes 2 passes (one down, then trace up). I’d like to see some more interesting ways of being able to take out multiple seams at once though.