Intel's Poor Naming Choice

So I’m doing some system tweaks here recently. I’m looking through my processes in the task manager and I see “PRONoMgr.exe”. I’m thinking wtf. So I trace it back to find it installed with some Intel stuff on my computer.

Could there be a worse name for an application in a place where many people look and find spyware, viruses, etc. running? Doing some research I found out that although its not a vital process, it has something to do with ethernet. A company of Intel’s size and stature in the tech world should know better, right?

It probably has to do with backward compatibility with old file systems that sill require the 8.3 rule. It’s hard to give a descriptive name with only 8 characters.


I agree that the naming choise is rather poor lol. An inside joke maybe?

I’d say the name is an inside joke. The program apparently is called Pro Network Manager.

Although funny, I’m guessing it may not have been a deliberate joke. Bear in mind that the word ‘pron’ may well have come about long after the driver was designed. It’s just a misspelling that has annoyingly become popular and I reckon in the not too distant past. I remember when I used to use the internet and I don’t recall seeing words like that.