Intenationalize my strings.

I tried changing the language settings in Blender and automatically much of the language of my addon changed. Which is really great. Some common single words were just changed into the selected language. I would like the whole addon to be translated. I can change the words and phrases that I use in my script to make them more translatable.
I have done a small amount of digging and still can’t find much about how this works in blender.
It does seem that pgettext is used.
Could someone point me in the right direction to help me work out
1 how/where/when Blender does it
2 the best way to utilise the Auto translate in strings.

I would also like to be able to do this on the description/tooltip string from an object.
object name seams to just work but it’s tooltip information doesn’t (probably because I haven’t called it as a tooltip I guess) but it seams to work on the tooltips themselves.
The auto translate is a great piece of magic I would like to utilise.


There’s not much detail in the API docs:
Application Translations (

… but if you look at the UILayout type, you’ll find a couple methods which take a “translate” parameter.

I’m pretty sure all groups of words, that are translated in Blender and have the same context as your buttons or whatever, will be “auto-translated” (actually, it isn’t, same context and same words means that it has already been translated; you can disable this behavior by explicitly passing translate=False or using a custom translation context)

Thanks again that’s just what I was after. A good place to start!!!