Intender Animation: Looking for a team

Hello Community,

A few years ago I started a studio called Intender Animation Studio. It all started very nice and everything seemed to go well. Cause of a lack of organisation and problems with contacting each other the group “died”.

Now it’s February 2007 I’m ready to get the group running again.

Below is a list of applicable jobs.

Current Applicable Jobs:

  • Modeller(3x)
  • Animator(3x)
  • Sound Design(2x)
  • Music Composer(1x)
  • Script Writer(1x)This group is non-profit.

Applications can be send to this address:

Why are you in need of lightning experts?

More importantly, what movie plan would you have and why would a bunch of experts join it with no chance of compensation?

lol i agree with above post

its like HEY I WANT TO MAKE A TEAM, contribute almost nothing myself and get most of the credit…

another good for nothing thread that didn’t follow the guidelines for posting such an offer

One word:

He’s the producer :yes:

More seriously though… you (AniCator) are asking for people to join your studio, whatever and wherever that may be, and you are asking them to show you what they can do. But what do you have to offer?

And how are you going to solve the issue that made your other studio fail?

Lastly, what’s your definition of a studio?

My definition of a studio would have at least one room. Not a chat room, but a room you can touch and walk into. I guess it would have green walls, decorated lamps, comfy chairs, tables and equipment to actually make something.


Why is everybody always that critical on people that just want to start something?
Everybody that tries something that has been tried before get’s useless critics.

About the lightning expert:
It does not really have to be an expert, but he has to know how to optimize scenes that are lit.

Please take me serious.
Excuse me if I used wrong sentences. With your help I can fix them in the first post.

My definition of studio is a group that makes movies/music etc.

Please tell me if I’m wrong with studio, and please tell me what word I should use.

If you want to join, mail the address given in the first post.

Updated the Intender site(less content) and lowered my arrogance(I hope)

Does this mean that you use all your proceeds to pay your staff and re-invest the rest in the company, with nothing being kept as pure profit? Or do you use the profits to support some charitable organisation?

AFAIK this is the definition of a non-profit organisation.

Thanks for that tip. I thought non-profit means that a “company/studio” is not aimed at getting money.

Please correct me more on mistakes in my first post.

I actually hoped everybody would get the point that I’m not going to pay the team.

I’m not sure how to explain everything currently.
But the stuff on the website about Sergeant Dick will be removed.

Intender Animation will start small. We’ll start with a short film. A simple short. Later on we’ll go for bigger goals.

The main goal is to entertain the viewer for free.

After some investigation I noticed that almost everytime the first comment on a thread is negative all the others are commonly negative too.

Like the lock comment I got here is not very usefull.
animatinator why did you post that comment?
Why would this be locked up?
I’m not just another guy that’s going to “start a group that is starting with to big ambitions”.
I’m sure most users have seen my project pop up in the WIP forum a lot (it’s called FantaCratia).
Why do people always think that others can’t make a succesfull “studio”.

Let’s not talk to much about how I’ve written it. Let’s talk about the future of Intender.

Many people won’t be interested anymore cause of the negative comments.

To join mail the e-mail address in the first post with some information and the job you want to do.

PS: Also I noticed that most people don’t take these threads serious and just follow the crowd that didn’t read it too. Should I have posted this PS?

Your initial post is identical to many tens of other posts that pop up with increasing frequency. :eek:

A better strategy might be to keep posting updates to your movie in the WIP thread and ask for specific help when you get stuck. It’s a strategy we’ve seen work before.

I’ve found the best-fit equation is, the more general and ambitions a post, the more negative the response; by extrapolation: the more specific and precise a query, the more positive and helpful the replies are. :yes:

Good luck.

You should use the word CREW. A studio is a location, a place where artists can work.
If You want to bring together a group of people to make movies/music or whatever, then this is a crew, or a team, but crew sounds more cool.
The word studio is way too big for what You want to do, that is why people are confused and You get angry replys.

So what is your project called? I just went to your site and nothing there. Please add a story board of your proposed short, script, time frame from planning to release date, targeted audience, well you had a studio before, you know the details.

Please add these, I am keen to see what your hoping to achieve. If you have a demo reel to show some your previous projects, then I am sure to PM you.

Good luck. P.s. Your site needs some major modifications, I would concentrate first on doing all the ground work, then start asking for help. People will respond better.

@ Animatinator: nice pic

Totally forgot that cool word: Crew!

Actually that was my first thought to start a project by myself.
But that’s not what I want to do anymore. I want to make a short together with the Crew.

You know, the problem is that you’re trying to get people to work with you, while you have nothing to show. There is absolutely not any reason I can think of, to join your crew.

To put it bluntly (but definitely not to flame you), your post screams that you don’t have the experience to do things yourself yet, and that’s why you are looking for people that can help you.

That, and you’re a little over-ambitious, but hey… ain’t we all? :wink:

Work your own way up and everyone and their dog will be willing to join you. But currently, it’s way too early for that.

ps. I still doubt you need a lightning expert :stuck_out_tongue:
(lightning is bliksem, niet belichting ;))

OK Strawberry :stuck_out_tongue:
But I’m not non-experienced.
I’m not over-amibitous, I’m trying to keep cool, but all this mess makes it a problem.
Sorry for the lightning problem.
Mis-spelled. It’s Lighting Expert.
Still can we stop talking about results etc.

Okay… so details. You have an incredible list of talents you wish to recruit:
Current Applicable Jobs:

  • Modeller(3x)
  • Animator(3x)
  • Lighting Expert(2x)
  • Sound Design(2x)
  • Music Composer(1x)
  • Script Writer(1x)
  • Director(1x)
  • Simulation(3x)
  • Editor(2x)This studio is non-profit.
    , and you don’t know what your first team (crew) project is yet? :eek:

I am an illustrator designing books and the such, and even working by myself, it is impossible to get work out without the basics done first. Story… target audience…umm sorry but I tend to understand why the other guys were giving you a hard time. No one can take your project seriously if your not serious about it yourself.

If you would like to join a team environment, I recommend you try the open movie project that I have seen somewhere on the forum, give that a go before you try something overly ambitious yourself. My 2 scents…:yes:

Basic Project Information:- Short

  • Stylized Characters
  • Humour
  • Enviorment: White Empty Space(or something else if crew has objection)
    Target Audience:- Teenagers
  • People that like to watch funny shorts
    Need more information, post a reply.
    Drew “free_ality” has joined the team, still he has to choose a job.

Updated Jobs List:

  • Modeller(3x)
  • Animator(3x)
  • Sound Design(2x)
  • Music Composer(1x)
  • Script Writer(1x)The requirements got lower due to the fact that the first project will be a small project.

I’ll upload two simple animations of rigs I made as soon as I can to show some results.
I’ll also spend a whole midday on making a good animation with a rig.
Those two simple animations were made in about 15/30 minutes.
The third one will be more complex and time consuming.
I hope you’ll appreciate this.

It’s late here. I have to go to bed.
Sleep well everyone.