interaction fluid simulation and rigid body objects

Dear ,

I am final-year student at the Arteveldehogeschool.
For my bachelor thesis I was instructed to examine the possibilities associated with fluid simulations.
“How realistic can you get the fluid simulations in the open source package Blender”. I filmed some animations and now it is my intention to duplicate this in Blender.

Therefore this question:

Is it possible to interact with a rigid body object and the fluid simulation. I would like to have an object that drops into the water and has the most realistic representation of the interaction. However rigid body objects are in the game engine and fluid simulation in the cycles render.
Am I right that you can only make an object in free fall through a rigid body object? Or are there other ways to achieve this animation?

I thank you in advance

Karel De Groote
3 ProDuce
Student ArteveldeHogeschool

The fluid simulation does not interact with other objects but other objects can interact with the fluid sim. Set an object to be an obstacle in the fluid settings and you’ll have to keyframe animate it’s movement. It’s movement will then interact with the fluid.

You can bake rigid body movement in the game engine to keyframes using the Game / Record Animation in the top menu when set to ‘Blender Game’

actually if you select in fluid obstacle options export to mesh it works