interactionOps [iOps]

I wholeheartedly recommend Pie Menu Editor for this kind of stuff. Very easy to do, 0 coding needed. It’s a paid addon, but more than worth the money since it can do a lot, & roaoao is such an awesome addon dev with out of this world support.

Thanks, but wouldn’t that be putting Transformation Orientations into a pie menu?.. I want to hit keys…

It can do just keys too. The name is a bit misleading now since it’s no longer just about pie menus.

Hmmm… not sure I want to drop sixteen clams on yet another pie menu addon. I do use Machin3Tools a bunch, and at first glance it seems there would be a bunch of redundancy. Would it not be cool if TitusLVR could add this to iOps? Let’s see what he says…

About pie menu editor addon it super cool thing and useful(but if I have my custom operators and menus how I can share my pies, menus with people without this addon?). But let’s talk about iOps panel why not pie? Answer is pretty simple when you use pie you can call only one operator then pie closes same for menu if it’s popped up. So in case of smooth/flat with machin3 tools you have to call pie twice, same for transformation, pivot,snapping we have to call each menu separately for changing things so that’s why it’s iOps TM panel you can change things with one call not multiple.

Okay, I would love to have this feature but I checked the list of features on Iops, it don’t have the feature?? :woozy_face:

I also tried this:

it don’t work. there’s an error :thinking:

wrong person so just ignore this message.

I tried the method above, it don’t work, the error message was:
[Panel “IOPS_PT_iops_transform_panel” not found]
[Panel “IOPS_PT_iops_tm_panel” not found]

what was the reason for this?

Hi there, when did you download? And what version of oops do you have?
Because we have merged refactor branch to master. So iops now much cleaner in terms of code. And now all shortcuts you can assign in addon’s preferences.
PS: iops doesn’t exists in “N” panel, only on shortcuts.

The version is 1.5.0 and i downloaded the file on Feb 7.

I see. :thinking:

Try to download and make clean install from today
So all shortcuts possible to bind in addon prefs:

alright, it look like you need to update your website that provide the file to be download. it’s currently at V1.5.0

I also noticed the current version is now 2.0.0.

for me to download the raw files from github, i have no idea what to do from there. :frowning:

never mind, i figured it out. I’m going to do some test

Edit 1:
Okay, it don’t work? :thinking: What am I missing? Machin3tools and InteractionOps V2.0.0 are installed in Blender 2.81a

Edit 2:
The IOps V2.0.0 is working fine as it is. I’ve been running a lot of tests and this:

is still not working. so you mentioned that IOps doesn’t exist in “N” panel anymore. so is there a way around to that. I would like to use these popup. it’s very useful to have.

So we have changed the operators names, and now you do not need to assign shortcuts “manually”, you can assign them in add-on prefs:
Iops transformation, pivot, snapping - it’s big panel
Iops transform panel - small one.

But maybe it could be shortcuts overlapping, you call one function but another block it. Check shortcuts for duplicates in keymaps.

Ah, I didn’t see these 2 panels in preference. I had to enlarge the screen to see it. I found it and made a change to the hotkey and it’s working as it is. I also removed the duplication in keymaps as well. All is good.


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