interactive 3d app

As someone new to Blender and 3d, can someone point me in the right direction regarding the creation of an interactive 3d application (I suppose analagous to “game programming”):

My goal is to create an app in which the user can manipulate a 3d object (rotate, zoom, select parts) for educational purposes, i.e. insect model, and in which lables are shown if desired.

From what I gather, Python is used as a scripting language to control the objects. How is this then compiled into a stand-alone app? Which platforms can be targeted? How does the “game engine” fit into this? Can a 3d object created in blender be exported to, lets say, Flash or other program, to accomplish the same thing?

Sorry for the basic and, possibly irriating, questions.

as i know you can run stand alone application under win,lin, & other platform like a mac,bsd… but i have experience only with first two.

you schouldn’t compile python scripts they work as they are(python is interpreted language, which means that is compiled when is needed during executing of a program. this is also reason why is slower then compiled languages like C).

Yes,you can export models from blender via some scripts.(to obj,x, etc)


thanks for the reply…in general terms, what are the steps involved? or can you point me to a good overview tutorial?

much appreciated

First you have to learn about the game engine so you can make this app. The best place to start might be at
To make a runtime (.exe) of your app, you simply click File->Save Runtime. There are people working on scripts written in python to export to Flash, search this forum for them.