Interactive accessibility website

Hey all,

I want to share something with you I have been working on for the past couple of months. Note that we are still looking for funding to further improve the project. Overall I think it’s a nice start and since it is modelled in Blender you deserve to know of it’s existence :wink:

What it is? It’s a website that links several sources of demands and guidelines related to building accessibility to a visual reference design. This design can be navigated through in 3d. The visitor can hover on some elements and see popups of the accessibility guidelines relevant to that particular element. The entire website is in Dutch, but also non Dutch-speakers are invited to take a look. Just click on the link below and navigate with the arrow keys of your keyboard or on screen (e.g. press forward a couple of times and you’re inside a dwelling)

Criticism is welcome of course, but keep in mind that this has just been a one man’s job with limited time. Photorealism was not the main objective. So expect sloppy modelling and rendering here and there ;). The images are rendered with Luxrender, which might seem overkill for such simple scenes, but it just happened to be the renderer I have the most experience with and needs little time to setup lighting and materials.

Some pics in advance for those too lazy to try the site:


I’m impressed, it even works on my iPhone! Is the website made in PHP and JavaScript…? Do you have a tutorial on how you made it or any links so I could learn…? One other question could you make the movements smoother if you just added more frames in-between each arrow press or would that have not worked as well or slowed down the load time as it also loaded in seconds (3GS on my phone). I love it keep up the good work!
P.S. Would you mind sharing the source code so i could make something similar i will credit you? :smiley:

Great idea, I’m impressed.

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

@DustyKhan, usually I would share the sources (I really would), but as it is made for someone else, I can’t do that… But if you have any specific questions about the programming part, I’d be happy to answer them. More in-between frames would work, I guess, especially when placing them with equal distances from each other. But since this project is mostly about the information presented in the frames, rather than the gameplay, and also rendering the frames does take some time, only the essential frames are presented.

You almost could make a DOOM game with that! :smiley:
A couple of months ago I looked into how they created the first DOOM,
and people are still interested in trying to recreate the classic feel of it.

WOW. that is amazing, high quality work! :slight_smile:
the environment is simple, but feels very clean and professional, love it!

Interesting idea, 5* for the concept. Although it’s very laggy. Why not just use all the crazy html5+css3 functions (such as working with elements in a REAL 3d space)

Thanks guys for your comments!

@3dcgfx, I think it looks more like the point-and-click adventures from the 80’s. I thought Doom actually had a complete 3d engine and environment.

@saeblundr, thanks :)!

@-[Killer]-, This way of working has it’s advantages too, remember it’s not just about the gameplay, it’s mostly about the info in the frames. E.g. this way the website is fully indexable by google and works in every browser, even IE6 and even without javascript. It’s a website about the accessibility of buildings and I figured it should be accessible to the most browsers possible, not just the bleeding edge ones. Nevertheless, html5 will bring very interesting times and I look forward to work with it.

I guess being a mac user I’ve finally accepted that it’s way too daunting of a task to make sure your site works with every browser. When you start using WebKit you can’t really go back. Infact while I was developing on of my cocoa applications the other day I was working with the webkit, it’s crazy when you find some of the CSS tags and html tags that you never knew existed! Such as being able to make part of the web page transparent, or being able to add real text gradients, gloss, reflections, and you can set the text color to an image or video.

I’m going off topic though, I just get excited when I see such stuff. I can’t wait till every browser has that capability (though I don’t see it coming any time soon for IE, they’re still in the stone age)

Super site and a nice application of Blender. This is a real accomplishment and you have every right to be proud of the finished product.

@-[Killer]- IE 9 will be quite ok. Unfortunately it will take years for every windows user to ditch IE6/7/8.

@callmeishmael Thanks for your kind words!

It looks like you’re right about Doom, I could have sworn that I read it was 2.5D.
So begins the alzheimers! :smiley:

@3dcgfx, getting a little offtopic here, but I think you’ve got yourself confused with Wolfenstein 3D?

Yeah, or Duke Nukem, I only was interested in 2.5
briefly over a few hours internet searching one day.
I can still remember a thread where a guy wanted
to recreate the doom 2.5 ‘feel’, and the response was
that he should just go ahead and do it with a 3d engine instead.

Amazing… I’m speechless.

If those were renderings of production lines and workstations that led to data displays every plant manager in America would want one!