Interactive Animation (Flash + Blender): Harmonizin

i saw a flash animation a few weeks ago, siging horses, a i thought it was such a cool concept. so i made my own little flash animation with the same concept, however i used alley bums instead of horses, haha, once the animation has loaded just click the characters to make them sing and then click again to make them stop siging. have just one or two sing or make beautiful music with all of them singing. haha

Click Here to check it out.

well just got flash about a week ago and i have been trying to learn as much as possible. i’ve been to tons of tutorials online, and tons of forums, asked tons of questions, and just ordered tons of “how to books” off of and i’m having a great time. i think this will be the begining of a ton of blender/flash interactive animations, and its pretty funny how easy flash was to learn i thought i wouldnt pick any of it up for a long time, more to come

thanks for looking

Update 12-28
Coming Soon…
i got a ecard idea from checking other websites that make flash. and i think this would be perfect for these little characters. the idea would be a short 10-15sec interactive flash animation for lots of different occasions and holidays (christmas, birthday). i think it would be great because i can make these in less then half the time, they are interactive, would be more useful then a regular animation, and would be 10% the size. so this is proably what i will be working on for the next year, tons and tons of ecards to spread around the internet and drive everyone crazy.

here is a screen shot of one i’m working on now. i will also reupload “harmonizing” with a reworked sound quality that i think is much better. but here is the ecard i’m working on now. birthday bum, its a bum sleeping in an alley, and you click on him and he sings happy birthday to you!

Heh, that’s really funny! Great work! Soud is a little poor though.

flash is easy to pick up, but then look at the people who make 3d in flash… action scrip is kinda hard to learn at first.

HA HA this is your best one!! :smiley:

this is great parody of those singer flash animations :smiley: neat


Absolutely freaking terrible. Hillarious.


R2Bl3nd-thanks, yes sound is pretty poor, the sample speed was low, along with that i was excited and rushed the sounds (not a lot of time spent getting the sounds that great , haha,) and flash seems to add a strang metalic sound to everything, but this is just a first try, lots more to come, with improved sound…i hope :smiley:

rush2049200- it is quite a shock, it is very easy to pick up. i tied following some tutorials though and they make it out to be soooooo hard, but if you can find the right tutorials, and talk to the right people it is frighteningly simple to learn, thank god!

ZanQdo- haha, thanks man! i love flash and i love blender, i think my next few animations will be interactive like this, they are so much fun to think up and make!

Yeonil - thanks, when i saw the semi famous “singing horses” i thought i have to make one of those. i think i will try another little sing along, but it will be more thought out and better tunes, and sound. this was one of my very first flash animations so everything is rushed, both because i wanted to see the end result, and two because i was learning so much in just a weeks period of time, but it was very exciting bringing something like this to life.

paroneayea- that good huh, haha, thanks dude

thanks for checking out this little test/animation it has proved to be a great learnng experiance that i can use to build more fun and interesting animations from, more to come soon :smiley:

I like how the “crappiness” of the characters isn’t because they look like they’re computer-drawn. When I see your work, it really makes me lean more towards percieving them as papier mache (or however you spell it) figures. You should continue to capitalize on this both in your animation (faces are great–other movements could stand to be more choppy :)) and your backgrounds.

idea is great.
but the sound being quite bad, I couldn’t really listen to it at all…


being a fan of cap…tain… James T… Kirk I found the the ‘Star Trek’ episodes to be the funniest.

I have to agree about the sound though in terms of it’s quality; you’re a bit too close to the mic when you’re recording. Also you’ve got the type of voice that has emphasis on the ‘ph’ sounds which cause those air thuds on the recording. A really cheep and dirty way to reduce this is to hold a piece of thin cloth (like a hankychef you blow your nose on - make sure it’s a clean one mind you.!) a couple of inches away from the the mic with you speaking at that… it’ll act as a barrier to the air caused by those phnetic annunciations and flatten your voice out a bit.

Keep up the good work though as this is the kind of thing South Park started life as, simple visuals with good stories.

Kilo- i hope crapiness isnt the best word to describe these, haha, but i know what you mean, they are quick little doodles with a fast paint job, and i know what you mean about the quick computer drawn work, i think blender will give me a huge advantage because i can render a couple frames and have exact images to work with instantly, thank god for blender!

basse- it is a great idea, too bad it wasnt mine, haha, got it off another flash animation i saw, i will see what i can do about the sound, that is an area i have always been trying to improve, but as of yet unable to reach. this really wasnt a good attempt though, everything was done in about one day, so their is room to improve.

kat-II- you got it a very bad star trek impression, haha, and about the sound, i agree it is really bad, i was in such a hurry to finish and show the work that i really rushed the sound a lot. i will work on it. and i have used an idea such as yours, for about the past month i have been adding scotch tape to the mic to reduce breath noise, this and reducing the mic volume helps a lot, but like i said i was so excited about getting flash and making a new kind of animation that i really rushed the sound. but will be on the list for things to improve, thanks,

also changed the background scene for this animation, the old bums i was making turned out looking very young, so i didnt want to have them in an alley with beer bottles everywhere.
but i think this test/animation is done for now, on to the next idea, muuhahaha!

for your next test (or part of it at least) can you make the colours you use for the textures more ‘saturated’? By that I mean can you make them slightly more intense? The one thing that I can’t help but keep noticing is they all look a little faded, I’m not entirely sure whether that might just be a rendering problems or not (and I do understand that the way the textures are made gives them a sort of faded quality by default… I just feel they need to be slightly ‘stonger’ to stand out)

that’s quiet cool
you got your own style
a bit south’sparkish but love it
but I do not think I do agree with your G’n’R statement :stuck_out_tongue:
comon man it is 2004 now !
just kiding

it works fine in IE but it doesnt work with firefox.

kat-II - i will check this out, it might be a very good idea, because i wanted to have them turn out very vibrant and colorful, good thought, thanks!

rompel- easy buddy, easy, guns and roses rock bro, haha, and thanks for the compliment, i never thought of south park before i started makeing these, the first guys head was quite small, but it seemed to me the larger their heads got the more funny it was, haha, guns n roses ROCK!!

mifune- thanks for the tip, i wondered if everyone would be able to veiw, but even so i think a huge percent of people will be able to see them, lots and lots more then my animated avi’s both because of file size and because of the codec. thanks for the info.

i’ve got two more ecard/flash animations finished, working on the final touches, will post soon thanks!