Interactive Blenderartists rooms.

It would be cool if here in Blende artists would be posible to:

-If i am online and i will post a thread about one question related to compositing, i would go to the Composition and VFX category and there i could post my question , but also i could see who is online there in a 2D or 3D room and i could ask in them directly or to the whole room my question.

This would be a mix between the normal posting and chats, so,

You have the threads and the posibility to post one, but you also see who is online insde a room, in 2D or even 3D.:smiley:

I mean this would be cool i dont know how much coding this requires, would it be to hard to implement ?

What do you think ?:confused:

You mean second life style?

Do you even consider it could over-complicate the usage of this forum?

I think you are talking about IRC with cool vista bliing? ^^
I pass on the bliing :stuck_out_tongue:

Man, i got to use IRC, i have heard of it all the time but i’ve never really understandt it, Where do i have to go ?


This sounds like the kind of thing the administrators could make us pay for…

Do others think having features we need to pay for in a forum about a free app. is ironic, I find it kind of ironic that Blender is free, yet its own community might have pay-only features? CGSociety has payed memberships, but most of the apps. talked about are over 300 dollars. Though of course it’ll make sense more if it means this site stays alive or a certain percentage goes to the Blender Foundation.

I hope the member groups aren’t pay only, especially if we can have discussions in some group page.

the easiest thing is to download “chatzilla” which is an IRC firefox extension. works great.
if you use Miranda IM there is a IRC plugin as well
if you like a standalon client, there would be mIRC32
and if you use linux and KDE, Konversation is great.
if you use gNome i got no idea :smiley:

basically you connect to a relay server (internet relay chat) which has channels, which names mostly reflect the topic or interest of the channel, and there you go.
chatroom with lots of people sharing the same interest :smiley:


btw. miranda IRC plugin comes, as mIRC with a huge serverlist…

You will find additional information here:

i should get on irc too once in a while… but, i barely have time to check the forum atm…

Considering how many subforums this forum has I don’t need any more complications.

Agreed. After all we are united with a common cause, and this approach will alienate members, mayhaps create a class society, where the folks with money will go to the secluded areas, and post their views, while the rest of us, and I must stress that I will not be inclined to pay for some feature that will create a class society, well the rest of us can only view the views of the paying class.

the point isn’t that Blender is a “free” app, blender is a free open source app… it’s a common business model to charge for services and support for open source software.
Most forms of linux have some charging structure somewhere for example…

So, not ironic in any way, just realistic - and perhaps an important revenue stream to fund this website and/or future blender development. and anyway, we’ve already been promised the current functionality will remain free of charge.

CD you always seem so excited to post how when blender gets this or that Autodesk will have to sit up and pay attention, thet BA will get an influx of new users etc…

do you think supporting a bigger user base will not lead to bigger running costs for BA?