Interactive cloth - does it exist already?

If I had to think of one thing I would like to see in blender it would be a way of shaping two-dimensional surfaces in such a way that area is preserved. In particular I would like to create a leaf and then curl it or a sheet of paper and bend (or fold it).

Of course, something like the cloth simulator seems pretty close to this. If I could set up a number of pin-points, seams, lines of stronger or weaker rigidity (creases) then maybe I could interact with the model by grabbing a vertex and moving it interactively rather than running it along the timeline.

Does this make sense ?

Does this capability already exist ?

I would really appreciate some advice on this.

My personal interest is in modelling flowers, leaves etc. I want an easier way of introducing variation etc into petals etc.

Something like this??

Great … it’s looks like it might be exactly what I am looking for. I have watched the video and had a short play with the 2.8 version - which appears to be a little unstable right now but, given that the product release is only a few days old, that is understandable.

Many thanks for the response