Interactive computing has been made easier!

I was just browsing over at XSIbase and found this rather interesting forecast on what to expect in interaction with our machines. Absolutely amazing I thought Here it is:

May have to think about some serious applications for this… in the years to come that is!

That is awesome!!! amazing how technology has gotten so far… Wouldn’t it be cool if blenders interface would be like this?

Simply brilliant. This is just so cool.


If there’s ever a time it doesn’t resort to buffering every 5 seconds, I’ll have a look.


I’ve seen this presentation but this time my attention was drawn towards the Open Source version of Google Earth made by NASA. The title was a little obscuviated but I beliefe it’s “WorldWind”

OK - sat through it - even with the constant delays.
Looked like a lot of fun.


The problem with all these researchers into UIs is they have a distinct talent for ignoring what people actually use computers for, and what makes people use computers.

Various ones have completely ignored pictures as “irrelevant distractions”, and now we’ve swung to the reverse, where actually a really simple way to send and search through email is what people need, not some shiny way to organise their photo library, which is nice, but the Wii and iPhoto are basically already there.

EDIT: to add, has been doing much of this for donkeys years, and a lot of 3D too.