interactive console sometimes slow!

When I use the interactive console to execute python it sometimes gets very slow. For example if I print out lots of vertices. After that print out every following command is much slower performed as before. Is there a work around to that? Do I have to free any resources? How can I reset the console?

dunno, ideasman made it - i havent had had probs, what OS are you on, perhaps opengl differences?


i am running blender on XP Professional. And not only the execution speed is slowed down, even when I type after every keystroke I have to wait! Actually, I have to restart blender to be able to work properly.

aha. i think i have only used it on linux and macosx. will test when see a win32 box the next time :slight_smile:


the slowdowns are farily basic-

  • line wrapping is slow, avoid printing long lines.
  • Smaller text buffer may improve speed (Theres some variable in teh python code to adjust)
  • Drawing less lines is faster so make the window less tall…

Printing all the verts of a mesh is somthing that will probably always slow it down a bit.
if you give me an example, I could improve performancy for that example… eg only use the tail of lines greater then 512 chars… but then again people might want that :confused:
See how you go…

  • Ideasman

cambo, did you take a look at ipython?

there is a new release, and it is nice … and pure python.