interactive enivironment

how do i make my character interact with the environment
for example: like i want to make make character jump off a ledge and grab on to a tree branch and then jump on something else how would i do that.

also how do i make an animation to show and object breaking.

You either do that with a lot of logic bricks and sending messages to each object, or using python for the same effect. You will need to base it on collision, I can only guess.

As for animating a breaking object… add a bunch of aramtures and animate or write your own mesh morph script along with and explosion one, or just split the object into many and animate each part with ipos, then add the object by addding its parent.

i kno that but all i really need to know is how to make the character stick to the tree when he collides with it and 1 more question where are alpha buttons

The alpha button (for UVs) is located on the Texture Face tab in the edit settings while in Face select mode.