interactive gui


how to create an interactive gui ( like a window login ) in the game blender engine?
I’ve tried to use Tkinter but when I make the exe it don’t appear !
while it appears in the Start game (P-key)

what means “Save dynamic runtime”??
it doesn’t work


o fpmy lmpe

press p when it saves duh!

Here is a good tutorial on in game menu systems that work pretty good.

They work in an exe and when you run the game engine in blender.

It uses overlay scenes

Can you tell us, please, how you´ve done it (Tkinter integration)?

I think dynamic runtimes are obsolete. Blender used to need these to be able to import extra modules during the EXE runtime.
The CD player actuator also needed this kind of EXE.

Did you solve this problem?
I really need this!!!

this is a trash from old time. it is functionless, now U saving dynimic runtime with save runtime. I don’t know why is this still here, it make no sense few releases ago.