Interactive House

It’s my first interactive work. I’ve made it to learn something about the Game Engine.

(It’s almost 5 Mb :expressionless: )

Here’s the link, cable speed:

Comments better than presents in christmas! :smiley:

Thank you very much!

That was very well done. I was surprised with the amount of freedom I had to go almost wherever I wanted and the house is well modelled. It was also good to see that all the doors worked and I didn’t get (completely) stuck.

Here come the crits. Firstly, when I walked into the front gate without opening it, I got stuck, so I had to open the gate, then walk backwards and forward again to get through.

I’m sure you noticed this, but there seems to be no limit for how far away you need to be to open a door. Perhaps you could change this to a couple of feet or something (at least you can’t open doors through walls though).

There was also a door on the second floor that would almost block the hallway when opened, so maybe it should swing the other way.

Last but not least I decided to ‘cause’ a glitch, so I went to the garage and kept opening and closing the garage door on myself. Finally, to my avail, I was driven into and through the ground to an infinate fall. 8)

My rating: 9/10 :wink:

Great Work! Now add some people to talk to.

I had an idea to do something like this, but I don’t have the patience… Needs furniture…

I have an idea like this too, but its more like a museum. for portfolio puposes. I think you should try out the radiosity feature to give it good lighting, you’d be surprized how much difference it would make.

very well done!
ofcourse, could use some better lighting and furnature, but i guess that woudnt be a problem for you! verry nice

(you dit this with 2.25 right?)

The good old Blender 2.25!! The last release still have some bugs. :frowning:

I’m not very confortable with lights, yet, and i had to respect the pictures lights, so it will be not easy for me to improve then (or are you talking about the interior, some lamps or so?).

Pimposiun, can we use radiosity in Game Engine? You know some tuts?
(Still have to learn alot about Game Engine).

About furniture, it will make the house much more heavy (but i think that, at least kitchen and toilets should have some).

Thank you very much for that rating, Wiggie!!

Have to see what happens with the front gate!?
You’re right, have to fix that distance thing with the doors.
I’ve modeling the house with an arquitecture plan of a real one, and the door in the 1st floor it’s for a small storage above the stairs, and have a step after.

That glitch you’re saying was in B2.33 or B2.25? (very stupid question, am i asleep? :o )

Thank you all!!! :smiley:

Very nice work. I’m quite impressed with the game engine…
Maybe try to make it some more visually attractive now. Maybe you could paint a few textures that simulate ambient occlusion or radiosity. For the rest fill the rooms a bit. Furniture would be nice.

Once again : great work.