interactive map?

I want to create an interactive map with the camera looking down at a 45degree angle, and when you click on a certain area the camera view would then move over to that area and maybe zoom in a little, and then you can click the mouse again to go back to the start view. I would like to have this for multiply points in the map, can this be done? So it would look a little like command and conquer type games


Yes it can. YOu might look at the zoom in the FPS2.blend found in this forum.

You just aim and then zoom in, no clicking involved. Hope that helps.

Yes it is possable. I just put together a little demo that shows how it can be done. The “level” is nothing special. I just tried to fill it up with random stuff . The controlls are all explained in the demo.

Demo: Here

Hope that helps!


lostinspace, thanks for your help, that itself is a really neat way of doing things, but I meant it to be pretty much the same as Command and conquer games-generals looks, that you can pan around the terrain, up and down 360 view, zoom in and out but always looking down(at around 45degrees)

Did you find the FPS2.blend here on the forum? Thats what you want. FPS, doesnt have the zoom, but the second one does.