Interactive Object

Hi guys

Sorry if this is on the wrong forum list! I want to create a cube with different textures on each face and for each face to be clickable, so that when clicked the user goes off to another file…er a flash or director file outside the blender file.

Is this possible for a newb newbie to do (who has never used the game engine or used python script - but I have just finished my first non-tutorial object…a pencil! )

I’ve looked around the web for beginner game tutorials but they seem alittle non-existent…

Thanks for any help!

LP :o

Could you try separating the cube into the 6 faces so they are objects in their own right, then its just a matter of setting up the logic bricks. Not sure if after separation you will see gaps between the faces but if so, just extrude each plane inwards a bit.

heh - thanks seventh! With these logic brick thingys - I’ve come across them in other postings but I don’t understand what they are. I had a look through the tutorials on the blender site for beginner intro to games tutes but there aren’t any there - is there an explanation on the blender site (or anywhere) that you know of that I can have a trawl through and work out how to use logic bricks? I’ve found the blender reference guide ( which I need to have a look at but I find tutorials more helpful!


ps: I looked at the sticky above about games tutorials but couldn’t see anything beginner-like…just so you don’t think I’m lazy…!

Think I’ve found the basics I need!


lilacpoint wrote:

“so that when clicked the user goes off to another file…er a flash or director file outside the blender file”

Nice point. I don’t know if it is possible. Xintoc mentioned an script but as you can se below we don’t know were it is:

Hi Thorgal

I downloaded the manual from my previous link and have been looking through that but can’t see a way to do what I want - and your link suggests the same thing. Very tricky. I’d be interested in exploring this further in this posting if anyone has any ideas. I don’t know anything about python scripting so feel very daunted at finding and inserting a huge chunk of script as someone suggested in your link, Thorgal.

I’ll keep investigating (with my newbie level knowledge!) and see what I find. Thanks for your post!


:wink: You are welcome Lilacpoint. I remember another things that could be usefull for you:

Lagan build new features that allow us to work whith two screens at the same time. Or maybe your can execute your idea trying to do something like a minimap. Recently Serphlord make a very simple demo whith a minimap, i don’t know where is the link but i can mail the .blend to you (just pm me). Of course, this are solutions to solve the problem inside of Blender, not to have Blender “activating” another aplications. %|