Interactive Sensors

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Well this is my first post, I am considering all otions for a project. I am wondering if I can have a webcam hooked up to blender allowing users to interact with the game (Blender) using a prop. Any comments ideas or guidance would be much appreciated as I do no have a clue, I have looked at the ‘GameLogic’ documentation but at this stage did nto make much sense.

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I don’t know how much you know already, but here are some links.

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There is a Python liberary for accesing your webcam, but as I can remember it’s only for windows. I’ve been playing with it for a short time, and it’s quite intrested how they montion tracking scripts work with webcams, it’s quite easy to get acces to your webcam, but further it ain’t a piece of cake.

Here’s a link for some more information:

If you really want a motion tracking idea, you need to write an external program that deals with accessing the camera, take a snapshot, take another one, find the difference between the 2 images which is basicly how motion detection works.
If you go even further and find the difference, you could get the position on the image where the motion has been detected and convert it into blender’s game engine screen positions or something. This way you can create a motion tracking idea. I tried it out in flash as well, and there it works like a charm. :smiley:

I could try to get my hands on it and create a motion tracking script, but not sure if I’m knowledges enough to do it, and I can’t do it in just a day, I think I need at least a week to come up with something. Anyways a cool idea to maybe work on in the future. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the information, I have done a some reading but do not know much, I am currently reserching my options before continuing and trying to understand what different technologies/software can do before proceeding.

I am aware that Flash can use a webcam to detect props by colour and uses the information to load events, this is something I will be looking into and trying shortly with other options I find.

I will look into the information you have provided and start from their, the writing of programs is not something I am skilled in, and I dont think I will reaslistically complete it with the time left. But as you said, this could be something to do in the future as it is something that is not currently available.