Interactive Swap Textures

Hi all!!!
I’m trying to make an interactive replacement textures and multi light the render postprocessed.

Part 1
Reflection and refraction effect - blend

Part 2
Globai Illumination effect - blend

Part 3
GI + Refl +Refr effect - coming soon

Part 4
Multi light - coming soon

Part 5
Multi light + GI + Refl +Refr effect - coming soon


Holy cow that is amazing!

Added part 2 - Global Illumination effect!

very nice! :slight_smile:

I already made a composite setup for multilight but sadly it involved a different render for each light. I am now curious to see in you found a way to avoid that!

Awesome work!!

would love to see the noodles:)

And we are watching you =)

Wow! Amazing work.

Negativa - You are my GURU!
Man this is awesome.

Oh! Here we are)

Just remembered this technique. Did anything ever come of this? Any chance you could share the nodes?

Hi all!
Unfortunately, I could not find the time to write a lesson. So I now just share blend files, so you can explore their own.

download BLEND (GI effect)
blender version - 2.65a

EDIT: please post here your comments, questions and your tests, using this technique!!!

Fantastic! If I manage to wrap my mind around what’s going on, would you mind if I took a stab at a tutorial? With proper credit given, of course!

Yes, of course! I will be happy!
Please ask if something is not clear!

EDIT: download BLEND (Reflection and refraction effect)