Interactive Tools for Blender 2.8

the modifier stack manager look simple and clean and has similar ui layout to other panels of blender
im using it now thank you for this addon

Coming from Max I really dislike the layout/UI of Blender’s stack. Not to mention it’s upside down. :upside_down_face:

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It’s really not when you think about it… the things at the top of the stack are considered first, on down to the last thing in the stack, which is taken into account last. That’s why you usually put subdivision surface modifier at the bottom so that it isn’t calculated until everything else is addressed.

It reads from top to bottom for sure, which I guess makes sense, but “stacks” are built from bottom to top.

With the Modifier Stack Manager, you can reverse this…if you want to look at it upside down. :wink:

Well, by definition a stack gets added to on top. Something is always ‘stacked up’ never down. It’s not just that though, the layout is badly designed for instant reading.

they changed the stack for the grease pencil layers since it uses a different type of layout( probably easier to do) , there are plans to make it work in a similar way for the modifiers even with drag & drop for rearrangement, but it’s on hold for now until the nodification comes in…so u have to wait a little bit longer.

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The way I think about it is similar to the order of Photoshop layers – things at the top of the stack are above things on the bottom. In PS of course, the layers visibly hide things below them, but I relate that to a form of priority in Blender. Make sense?

Not really because every other layer system I’ve ever used in 2D/3D software gets layered/stacked from the bottom up. The ‘Base’ layer is the initial state and everything else is layered on top.

Hey guys, I have a new beta release. I had to leave some of the planned features such as the customization menu out of this release as I wanted you to get some of the new features before I go on holidays and the 2.8 release.
I will do my best to fix any issues as soon as possible, but I wont be able to spend a lot of time on them until after vacations.

Please keep reporting bugs, feature requests and any suggestion you guys have, they have been a great source of inspiration. :slight_smile:


New menu

The menu was reorganized to provide a better user experience

Super Smart Create

If no object is selected, you will get the object creation pie.

If an object is selected and you are in object mode it will show the duplication pie, which allows you to duplicate or duplicate linked.

If in edge mode and no edges are selected it will call the loop cut tool

If in vert mode and no verts are selected it will call the cut tool

If in curve mode and two points are selected it will make a new point between them.


New selection mode cycle modes that support sticky selections. There’s also a version of selection mode cycle without sticky selection.

Uvs From Sharps:

-Applies seams from sharp edges and unwraps everything.

Detailed changelog:
-Updated to work with the 2.8 Release Candidate
-Code structure was reorganized.
-New menu structure

Super Smart Create:
-Some minor bug fixes
-Make an edge on a spline
-Add pie menu to create objects if nothing is selected
-If at least an object is selected the duplicate pie menu will be called
-If in vert mode and nothing selected execute the knife tool
-If in edge mode and no edge selected it will execute the loop cut tool

Quick Align:
-Now detects the object that is under the cursor
-Added option to copy rotation and scale, per axis
-Has a menu to edit the operation after it has been done
Smart Loop and Ring:
-Performance optimization, no longer stalls.

Quick Origin:
-Renamed from Quick Pivot to Quick Origin in the menu

Edit Origin:
-Renamed from Edit Pivot to Edit Origin in the menu

Quick Lattice:
-Quick FFD renamed to Quick Lattice in the menu
-Fixed bug that prevented lattice to be moved when used on a flat plane

Rebase Cylinder:
-Renamed from set cylindrical sides.

Sticky Selection Vert/Edge/Face:
-Has been implemented
-If in object mode it will toggle to edit mode and restore the last selection
-If in edit mode it will cycle through Vert/Edge/Face modes

Select mode cycle:
-Has been implemented
-If in object mode it will toggle to edit mode
-If in edit mode it will cycle through Vert/Edge/Face modes

Smart Delete

  • If selected verts are only connected to 2 edges it will dissolve them

Transform mode cycle:
-Has been implemented
-It will cycle between Move/Rotate/Scale modes.
Must be in selection mode for it to work, I will do another version for active tools later.

Modifiers On/Off:
-Has been renamed from modifier toggle
-Now works from edit mode as well

Seams From Sharps:
-Applies seams from sharp edges.

Uvs From Sharps:
-Applies seams from sharp edges and unwraps everything.

Download link:

Since this is an experimental release, it will be available through github. The github link is where you will be able to get experimental features in the future as well.
I will update the gumroad link once I have more time to test everything and I make sure this version is stable.

Make sure to use the 2.8 release candidate version


Hi Maxi,

Thank you for the update! Not sure if this is a bug, but I would like to assign the smart select loop to shift + double click. Unfortunately, it does not play nice when shift modifier is involved. If I set the hotkey to shift + double click, I have an issue when selecting multiple pick shortest path, as the tool tries to complete the previous shortest path to get to the selection. Basically, I’m trying to mimic Maya’s selection system.

A feature request,if interesting;

Because this is an addon that is more designed to use with shortcuts, is it possible to build in a feature to see if shortcut already exists? There is an addon that does that, but would be nice if this function is in the same addon. (With 80 addons installed it takes ages to find an addon, so I want to prevent addon-switching).

Update: the addon is called: iskeyfree. For that you open a text-editor. and press Ctrl+t to open the T-panel. There is iskeyfree. So a solution could be while assigning shortcuts to have that open. (I must say it’s takes some time finding a shortcut that is free and also convenient. )

wow,amazing new tool and ui.