Interactive Video Cutout.... for blender ? [Great Video]

In mango they´ll introduce new masking featrures…

wouldnt it rock if we had something like this :

It is a cool idea, but how long would the whole process take? It looked like it took a lot of steps to achieve this result. Is it actually faster than rotoscoping or just green screening your foreground objects?

It definitely would be awesome for editing ameture footage or just messing around but is not to practical in a professional environment and dose not achieve professional results

It is a good idea. So basically, if you place all the footage frame by frame in front of each other kind of like layers in photoshop / gimp, you end up with a 3D cube of the action which you can rotate for multiple frame rotoscoping… and the program has special sampling formulae in there to smooth everything out. Sometimes, this would be a lot faster than making 2D moving animated masks, other times it would not. It would depend entirely on the kind of footage.