Interactive VR Movie

Hi guys I know I’m not as active on these forums as I need to be however I had an idea recently and it’s basically what the title says it’s an “interactive” movie in VR. I don’t have a concrete idea for the movie the best I had was a fight between 2 armies and having the audience member as one of the soldiers while following the story of a hero for the fight. The soldier that the audience member is narrates the scenes as they happen with audio ques at times to tell the audience member where they should look at certain times. I’m not looking for a full length movie but for more of a short when it comes to the length.

I can do modelling, story, and some sound design. Also I won’t settle for sub-par I really want to push the Blender Game Engine. I know we won’t get stuff similar to say UE4 or the Crytech engine but we can get something that looks good I want this to also be a bit like a showcase for what the BGE can actually do.

What we need:

  • A concept artist
  • Some modellers(solid and organic)
  • A few riggers
  • A few animators
  • A few programmers
  • A musical artist
  • A Cinematographer
  • A person with the Oculus Rift
  • A Texture artist.
    Yes I know this is a lot of positions for a project that will not pay and there may not be much incentive besides making the first interactive VR movie. I’m really hoping for some people that are interested in making something that hasn’t been done before Blender related or otherwise.

Update 7/10/2014: So I know I haven’t been that active on this thread but I have a story outline here(google docs). I’m up for suggestions on ways to change the story around but I will be working on fleshing out the story. I also forgot to mention earlier that all models and other assets will be put into the public domain no exceptions. I would also like some sort of chat area like IRC that we can have people give their input and receive immediate feedback from the developers and such without blowing up this forum and creating a large amount of pages.

So hi guys It doesn’t seem like there is to much interest on here so far but I’m hoping to change that. I have come up with an idea for the movie now it will be a sci-fi battle between 2 factions with ship to ship combat(that way we don’t have to worry about animating to many people or have to worry about foliage). The audience member will experience the combat through the eyes of the captain.

Also guys I really don’t have much of a portfolio but I have some work I’ve doing for a game already so I’ll link it here and you guys can decide for yourself whether you like my work or not. The game is called Innovate it is able to be found here.

Hi, the game sounds like it could be a very mind blowing VR experience ! I would be happy to help out…
There are many features that can already be used such as parallax shading, SSAO, DOF and LOD ; That would be quite something !

Thanks solarforge. Thanks to the nature of this “game” we should have plenty of logic for shaders and such. The main problem will be getting a shader(I believe it would be considered a shader) that makes the game display with the correct lens distortion that the Occulus Rift requires. About the most interactive part of the movie will be that if you aren’t paying attention to the right characters at key time then they will say something about it and try and get your attention.

Apparently the hardest is to configure the barrel distortion for the left and right eye, but it seems that a lot has already been done to solve this issue.
An idea could be that you are part of a group of war reporters, you could be the camera-man and follow a reporter, who would tell you what to film, and constantly get your attention focused on events…

Have “common” events (the regular story) and things tbat if you see happen changes the story? Like the camera man, a reporter and a cop go to investigate if you see a man get dragged into the shadows?

Also, it sounds like the batching patch will help here alot, as most of your geometry will be static.

I’m really liking these ideas but I’m not sure if you guys are interested in joining or not go ahead and let me know if you are. By the way guys I really like some of the work you guys have done on other projects. So if you guys are interested in helping just let me know.

Some useful links…

Starship Generator :

Realtime galaxy generator/renderer :

I will help with any logic or python you need that you can define.

I am till learning but working on reusable assets.

I can solid model, and bake normals, but have not enough time for fine detail textures so we need a guy for that.

So this project seems dead, but at the moment I’m trying to rally some support on these forums. I’ve added an update on 10th that’s shows the basics of a story that I would like to use for the movie. If anyone has ideas to add to the story let me know either through a pm or on this thread.

Pm people, ask for specifics.

Hi, I have read your google doc, and your story sounds good.

I think that first I would make a VR movie, then once that is done, make it interactive !

If I was the captain, I would go for a quick extraction operation and get out of there PDQ…