Interactive walkthrough


I have made the model of a house in 3D and using the blender game engine I simply would like to make an interactive walkthrough as an independant exe file where the user can in full screen evolve in the house and look around just like in an FPS game.

Any good tutorial to do this ? I understand the game engine is the quickest route but the game engine guys did not reply to this



Well, me, like “all the game engine guys” I’ve saw your post, but…it’s almost
like the famous “Can we make a game like UT2004 with Blender?” one.
It’s a bit demanding as a question…too vague
But maybe easy to answer??!!

I guess that your house have an “interior”, and all the faces are textured
with the UV texture editor, or at least have UV colors?!

If yes, go here:
download the walktroug template, and open it in Blender 2.34.
Now you’ve a “player” ready to “go”
Just append your house in the player scene, rescale it (if needed), place the “player”
inside the house, a little bit above the floor, and press P to “play”
Good luck

It looks like this is the same tutorial that Gael referenced.

Here is an application page. Check the Walkthrough demo.

Well thanks, that was it actually, no Ut2004 :wink: but just an interactive waltkthrough in a virtual house to get a good feel of the volumes. The all house is UV textured so it should pretty much work (I did not use square textures?).

Here is a pic to show the volumes :

Hi again

Well the house looks “ready”

If you want, you can send me the house file and I’ll put the player inside!!
The textures don’t need to be square, but multiples of 32 (128x256 256x512 64x128…)
will help your graphics card a lot


actually, you mean powers of 2

768 is a multiple of 32, but not a valid value for the side of a texture

1 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 512 1024 4096 are valid values [though 4096 is a bit excessive]