Interactive web content

Ok now I have understood a little bout modelling, Game engine, making videos and the like, how woudl I go about making interactive web content?

As I am a bit of a open source lover since having discovered the benefits of Blender (:wink: I have got myself Open Office ( and am learning how to make HTML documents with it.

If it is possible to make little interactive presentations and games (Eg flash type games and the like) with Blender, it would be great to have myown play website with my own totally Open Source stuff displyed.

But I have seen tutorials on many things and have all the video tutorials too, but I have not seen anythign on the fabled interactive web stuff?

Am I looking in the wrong direction and is there a tutorial link for this most advanced skillset?



Sure, we all want to use the Web plug-in
But it only works well in …arghhh…IE
And it’s not maintained since a long time

There 3DNP or even Blaze 3D that offer interactive web content. I think there’s also some Flash export scripts floating around.

Here’s 3DNP:

And here’s Blaze 3D (you can use it for free on non-commercial stuff):