Interceptor / T.I.E. Fighter movie clip

(LX) #1

Still working on it… :slight_smile:

I added a partly-finished Interceptor to my movie. It still needs work on the wings, but other than that ir’s done. I need to make a real Star Destroyer model that doesn’t look like an ugly gray cheese wedge, and a Death Star that looks more menacing than a little gray beach ball, but other than that…

Comments and criticisms are welcome, flattering or not.


(Nayman) #2

Cant igure out which one to click…

hmm, james earl jones IS cool…

Great modeling… did you make the fighters too?

Biggest problem i have with space animations is the stars. Do not use blenders star feature, they look cheesy, create a sphere, and add a space texture to it, and hit Sphere map.

Turn on shadless and Turn emit up all the way.

Looks great though

(Da Bourz) #3

Maybe it misses some color, specialy for the Stars, it’s Ok the TIE’s are grey… What about somthing like that :

Clic here

(LX) #4

I love nebulae. I’ll need to figure out how to make one for my movie.

That’s a cool ship.

Yeah, I modeled the other tie fighters too. I need to still do a lot of work on it.


(Ecks) #5

I have a tp for the star if you use the blender system

Make the star size at 0.100 and at 3 of stardist…more longer to render but beautifull effect

(harkyman) #6

I ran it at full screen. It looks nice. Fiddle around with the star size though. They kind of look like tennis balls in space to me. Speed up the motion of the camera a little (i.e., wait to swing until they’ve just almost passed out of frame, then whip around to see them stream off.)

(pofo) #7

Looks good
(You already know about the stars)

Star Wars is very 1977, that’s part of what makes it so good. The feeling is a little off in the newer ones.

  1. pofo

(LX) #8

thx for the comments!
I tried the star settings and they look awesome. I’m going to try rendering and see what happens (it takes about 20 minutes to render that ani, so I’ll have to be patient to see how it looks while things are moving.)