Interchangable Rigged Clothing

So just to give some background I am producing models for a game at current and the person wants to be able to swap out certain pieces of the character to make different kinds of characters. Sort of like an in game clothing select or equipment select. Now i was wondering how exactly to go about this. Do I need to rig each individual piece of clothing to a different skeleton. Or is there some way to swap pieces in and out and keep the same armature. Basically if you were playing a game and were running, then paused and equipped like a different chest plate how would I get the rigging and running animation to carry on to that chest plate as well.

as long as you clothing meshes are using the same armature as your character and have correct weight painting, i cant see there being a problem with swapping out meshes, however i haven’t spent enough time with BGE to know exactly how to do this, my experience comes from a clothing library i made which is all built on the same armature, consisting of hundreds of different blend files, i simply append the clothes i need to my main file, and the rigging is done automatically thanks to the rig being the same as the one the clothes were designed on.
just dont make a new rig for each item of clothing… if needed ALT+D your character armature and make the clothing fit this… then simply change the armature modifiers target to the character armature… thus swapping out armatures is very easy, in the game engine there shouldnt be much of an issue.

Okay sounds simple enough thank you. Now I will have to the individual weight painting for each piece right?