Interchangeable Car parts

Hey guys

I would like to find out if it is possible to make a system on blender that would interchange parts of the car say form an inventory of some sort?

I am thinking something similar to the NFS series where you can change the paint, accessories and wheels.

Any help on this would be awesome or even a nudge in the general direction on where to start.

Thank you in advance.

First you gotta make base chassis with unique IDs.
Then add empties to the positions of front bumper, rear bumper, skirt, spoiler, hood, rims, etc to each of the chassis.

Make several different meshes of each part. Make sure you name them properly (example: FB_Carbon1, FB_Stock1, RB_Carbon1, SK_Carbon1, SP_Fishtail, HD_Vertigo, RM_Lionhart, bla bla)

Make a dictionary for each chassis with what parts they support.

While in-game, load defaults in places of empties, when you are in the mod shop, check what part the player is changing, search for appropriate part and swap it.

Ofcourse you can optimize in many ways in, but that’s ‘one’ the basics.

Thanks iPLEXOMAN, I will give it a shot. Seems fairly simple to do.

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