Interconnecting pipe pieces

Hi there,

I’m making a small isometric test app and using Blender to make the isometric tiles. In this test the user would be able to make a series of pipes to lead oil from one place to another. For this purpose, I would need at least 6 perfectly interconnecting pipe pieces.

Making straight pipes is easy. Here’s one piece on top of ground.

I’m not so sure how to go about the bending pieces though. I tried making a bezier curve and set the “BevOb”, and while it is easy to create nice looking pipes that way, it was too difficult to get them to start and stop exactly where I wanted.

I also tried “spin” on a circle at one edge, and while it seemed promising I could not get it to spin it so that it would go through the center.

Any ideas would be appreciated!

There are probably many ways. One of them:
Add a Bezier curve.
In “Curve and surface”, change Bevel Depth to required diameter. Turn up BevResolution (default 0 gives a square extrusion)… Turn off Back and Front, unless you want half a circle extrusion.
Turn on 3D, if you want to adjust it in the Z-axis.

Hope this helps.
Regardless, I’m off to have coffee. Bye :smiley:

I would add a circle, spin it 90 degrees and extrude both ends. The size of the arc is determined by the position of the 3d curser and the smoothness by the number of steps.


I just noticed a bunch of pre-made pipe connectors at the Blender Cave:

there is a script that does T and Y pipe connection
check out the wiki list of scripts!

hope it helps


Thanks a lot for the tips. Now I have some snugly fitting pipe pieces.