Interested in building task environments for VR surgical simulation?

Hi all,

I’m looking for a Blender artist (contract work) to help us build task environments for our VR robotic surgery simulator. The task environment includes anything in the task that the instruments interact with. Work might also include building new instrument models. The models would include the Blender graphic models, corresponding collision models, textures and shaders. Someone well versed in Blender scripting, for advanced animation effects, skinning, file exporting, etc would be extra beneficial. Most of the work will be rigid body work, and basic deformable objects.

The artist will have creative leeway to design an overall artistic theme that covers the new exercises while working closely with the exercise design and engineering teams to build the agreed upon environment.

The ideal artist resides in the Bay Area, so they can regularly visit our location. However, a highly dependable remote artist is also possible.

The work required is through the rest of the year, and has the potential for a longer relationship, depending on needs.

Please look at the Mimic dV Trainer, Simbionix Robotix and Lap Mentor, and the da Vinci Skills Simulator for ideas on the type of content we are looking for.

PM me with your portfolio link and if you have questions or interest in the position.

Thank you,

Dear Hank,
We are medical animation studio working exclusively in Blender. We have capabilities to model full human anatomy. Please visit our website and contact us if our work is suitable for your needs:

Thank you for your consideration.

Marcheenek, Your studio’s work looks great!

However, we’re looking more for a freelancer, and the content by design will not be anatomical or medical. For example, a futuristic room, or someone’s workshop desk, or a lego-like task, or wherever the artist’s creativity drives him or her.

Ha! I concluded wrongly after seeing ‘robotic surgery’ :slight_smile:
My best regards.