interested in developping for blender...

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I’m interested in developping for blender, so I’d like to ask how my idea sounds to the community if the feature I’m thinking to develop is useful or if it is already present… So here is what I’m interested in developing: linear interpolation and in the future morphing. This will work this way: You’ll select a number of models (at least two), and then you’ll indicate the starting and ending frame… and then the code will do the rest! I’m new to blender (just finished the dog tutorial ;)) but I can see it has a future, especially if people become interested in developing for it.


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try this:
make a cube
place it somewhere
press [i] then select Loc
now press [up] twice
move it somewhere else
press [i] then select Loc
press [Shift+Left]
press [Alt+A]

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Morphing would be a good feature. You can do vertex keying where you can deform a mesh over time, however. One thing about the morphig script is that each vertex would have to be created in the same order in all the objects and there would have to be the same # of verticies. The advantage of such a script, however, is that you could save the associated objects in different .blend files and open them only when they’re needed.

Linear interpolation is already in place. When you animate the motion of an object, you can resize the bezier curves in the IPO window (Shift-F6 with an animated object selected) to create sharp corners.

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since it interests you I’ll create a generic algorithm for morphing (given m models, each with n points, each being a three-dimensional vector) and then when the time comes I’ll adapt it to blender… moreover I think that someone should write an undo function! I was amazed to find that such a great program doesn’t have such a basic, primitive I would say, feature! I also believe the interface should be rearranged and organized… for example bend, curve, lathe, extrude, etc should be put in categories under the edit button so that they are easily accesible… most of them are accesible by keys but the right thing to do is make them accesible both from the interface and then provide the keys to make the work easier.

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If you make an undo function, I know a lot of people that would love you and possibly put a shrine up in your name :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, though, if you are using blender in the mean time, you can go to the “hidden” menue by pulling down the top most tool bar (grab with a left click, hold and pull down) and select an auto save length of time and a location to keep these backups as well as the number of backups to keep. Mine is set to 4 min, and saves right in my blender file, instead of a temp directory, I find it easier to retrieve there.

Anyway, it works rather well, in that you can go back to a certain moment in time, if you like, and if you goof up, you’ll have lost only 4 min. of work. I never notice it saving, so you could do every min. and you shouldn’t notice anything at all.

Love the morphing idea. That would be so much fun!!! Especially for my “dream” project which is a game, I could really use that! :smiley:

Thanks for posting!!!

Love INgie

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that before developping anything for it I must understand the sources… not every single bit of it but the structure: procedural, modular, classes, how is blender programmed? then for the undo the first thing to do is to fire a function each time a change is made, which will keep a log of these changes in a stack of a certain length and then will pop on undo. the hard part is how to describe each action :-? … Of course an other inefficient way round is to keep an instance of the blender file every time a change is made but this would consume memory within the first few moves especially for large scenes… I can’t even understand why people at blender have implemented undo so far… Ton?

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this topic has been done to death. as ton once said, adding undo, he would have to change the whole architecture of blender.

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There isn’t an event OnChange. Only FrameChanged and Redraw! Thus, there’s no way to impliment a custom undo (Unless you put some code in the Redraw, but every time you change your PoV, the code will execute!!!)

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hmmm and how do you know all these? :slight_smile: