Interested in having your best graphics work on display at SIGGRAPH 2007?

I represent a major hardware manufacturer, and we produce high end displays aimed and the graphics and film/TV industries.

From August 7-9 we will be showing our display monitor products at the vendor exhibition of SIGGRAPH in San Diego, where over 25,000 high-level executives, animators, game developers, engineers, artists, and others are expected from all areas of the computer graphics marketplace.

As part of our product booth we will be showing our latest in technology with an assortment of displays ranging from 19" to 46", and including such unique technologies as LED backlit LCD displays with a huge color gamut , to very high resolution displays up to 2560 x 1600. We want to show images on the displays that are relevant to the SIGGRAPH audience and of the highest technical quality.

So we are looking for submissions from individuals who are interested in allowing us to show their best graphics images at SIGGRAPH, in return for free exposure of their work in front of the thousands of exhibition attendees.

Here is a summary of what we are looking for:

  1. Images should be:
    Very high image quality
    Show no direct nudity or extreme violence
    Not contain any 3rd party copyrighted material

  2. Images can be 3D, paint, composites, photographs, illustrator, line art, etc. We are looking for the “best of the best”. You are free to select your best images for submission.

  3. In addition to final renderings, “screenshot” images showing how the image was created may also be submitted. For example screenshots of the 3D rendering software, showing wireframe models, texture mapping etc.

  4. Images can be in any of the following resolutions: 2560x1600, 1920x1200, 1920x1080, 1600x1200, 1280x1024 and 1366x768. You do not need to make different resolution versions of the same image - choose which is best for you.

  5. Images should ideally be rendered in that native resolution. Scaling can be used as long as it does not impact the image quality. When submitted, images should be encoded in high quality - ideally in a lossless format (no JPEG compression artifacting).

  6. YOU retain full copyright for your images. We will NOT use your images for anything other than showing at SIGGRAPH unless you give us your permission. You MUST be the original creator of the image.

  7. You are free to add your name, email address, website URL to the image (preferably in the lower left corner), but the text should not dominate the image.

  8. We reserve the right to choose which images will be part of the final slideshows.

Please do not reply by sending actual image files. Instead please reply with the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. Your website or gallery (if available)
  3. URLs of the images that you would like to submit, including what resolutions they can be supplied in.
  4. Acknowledgement that you are the original creator of the image(s)

We will then contact you via email to arrange for the image files to be sent to us.

For additional information or to submit your image URLs for consideration, please email: [email protected]

Excuse me if this is a bit rude MonitorGuy, but is it not a little strange that you are not telling us the name of your company and are using a gmail address to conduct your business?

Also although its a nice opportunity to display work perhaps a major company can pay just a little to help feed impoverished artists… :wink:

The aim here is for a win-win situation. You get to have your best work shown in front of SIGGRAPH attendees, and we have something relevant and interesting to show on our displays. For up-and-coming artists this could be a very good opportunity for some free exposure.
I will happily reveal the name of the company if you PM me.

How about nature? I am talking about big colorful forests (mostly green :P). If you need something like that you should consider going to DAZ forums like Bryce and Carrara and ask people there. Because in blender its difficult to create something that big and still have good color and detail. Not only it is difficult it requires tons of RAM and CPU power, as well as time.

edit: Also, you can go to the vue forums as well, but I don’t think they be as friendly.

I nominate @ndy’s or RobertT’s work.

Seriously, what’s with the “go to other forums” request, do we not want other people to know that Blender is proven to create high quality imagery?

In Blender? May be you must add “for me” to your message.

Like on every 3D software.

I agree. I think Blender is fully capable of almost anything. It might be not as easy as in some other programs, some of which are designed for that certain purpose, but still capable. If there’s a will, there’s a way, at least after you’ve bugged the coders for a year ;D!


lets look on the flip side…

If you guys use our work to help sell your monitors, will you help us out with a discount, or some other type of perk, when we go to purchase one of your fine monitors?

in other words…
Is there anything else in it for us other than bragging rights?
I mean if we help fill the gap, your hiring department left in the CG artist department, can we expect any type of reward?

You know… I scratch your back, you scratch mine type of deal?..

how about a deal to promote people to submit their best work!
1% off any monitor for anyone who submits to this contest!
50% off for finalists…
Free monitor if we select your work, to advertise our product!

If not , I personally feel offended that you would think I would fall for such a gag.

If you are so Major why cant you kick down some hardware?..
I do reviews for a gaming magazine and get hardware given to me by “major manufacturers” just for mentioning that I own it.

Sorry, I was just expressing my thoughts, I didn’t mean to downsize blender, and yes after 10 month I am still only 75% at the learning curve.

The thing about polygons however is true. Blender can handle polygons in the viewport better then any other app that I know, but when it comes to rendering even bryce can handle more. Not to even speak of Carrara (never thought I could have 500 tree instances and a 1024x1024 terrain render at a 800x600 resolution in 40 minutes with Sky Light (HDRI, Realistic Sky, etc)).

MonitorGuy ask for “Very high image quality, Bright, Colorful…” so you can do anything, not limited to landscape works.

I think the OP explained it pretty well. You get to have your image shown at SIGGRAPH, for free, and they get demo images. It wouldn’t cost him nearly as much to go pick up some stock photos, so consider it a gift. I think it is a good opportunity for anyone, such as Andy or Robert or any of the other very skilled artists to show off their work. They have already done it for free, why not get another benefit? Its not like they lose the copyright on it or anything.

I think you might be able to get some nice material from Elephants Dream ( in case no suitable artists appear.

Speaking about SIGGRAPH 07… isn’t today the expected date for the release of the Blender SIGGRAPH Demo Reel? Someone knows something about that? :spin:

You know… I scratch your back, you scratch mine type of deal?..

The scratch you get is exposure. If you are the kind of artist who has enough exposure, or don’t think exposure is of value to you, then you are clearly not the target of the original post.

Actually there will be some special pricing for SIGGRAPH on our top of the line 21" and 26" displays. I believe these prices will be available until August 21. These prices are available to anyone, regardless of if you submitted images for the booth slideshows :slight_smile: