Interested in modeling a Bedford SB3 bus? (exterior only)


I was wondering if anyone would be interested in modeling a Bedford SB3 bus and if so how much would you charge to make the exterior only? I’ve added some reference images below but also found some diagrams online so added the link to the image.

I’m using Blender 3 and have reasonable knowledge of adding materials. I’m an individual and using it for a personal project and nothing commercial. It will be used in regular cycles rendering with the camera fairly close but no need for animation. Don’t need anything super high res though with a crazy amount of poly count.

Would appreciate any quotes and thanks for your time.




Many thanks for the replies and I’ve also enjoyed looking at the portfolios to see what people can build when they put their minds to it. Genius :+1:. Really appreciate the interest and I now have someone that will kindly build the exterior of the bus.