Interested in modeling for a racing game?

Hello Friends.

**BEFORE READING ON, consider the following:

  • Am I really looking for commitment of any kind?
  • Is a crappy racing game something I want to work on? …especially the kind of racing Game which Mike is stapling together.
  • Do I have time for this?
  • Is it worth even writing a text and making the topic-creator read every letter of it? Do I look for punishing people? Unlikely… so I’d rather not!
  • Do I have enough experience to work on this? Can I texture, can I model seamless under a given Poly-count-budget , can I lay out UVs… OR does the Topic creator need to do all this. (for sure, since he is the one looking for help… every bit counts… Honestly, yes, it does… however, the creator of this very topic is looking for experienced Blender artists… otherwise he wouldn’t be working on a serious project.)**

What it is about:
A not so conventional racing game involving Motorcycles “INSPIRED” (just inspired) by Extreme G2 (very ancient) …but deviating in most design aspects.
I am doing this because no one else does.

People working on this game = 1 myself …so far
Artwork is original (check out my crappy project page to see how I go about making artwork myself… to see it for yourself in how much, in fact, I need help, lol)

Goal: Fun, Glory …and Profit (let’s be honest … AND I would share based on involvement, see bottom of mammoth text)
In detail: at the end of this year’s October I would like to have a polished demo ready to be sent out to the industry’s …lowest… if we are matching this quality grade of expectation that is


Anyone interested in doing:

  • Environment art (Racing-Track Segments, background stuff, houses, trees, mountains…
  • Player Object art (futuristic Motorbikes according to design template)
  • Missiles , Rockets, Mines… weapon stuff
  • Font-maps
  • …whatever comes to mind

the latest tech demo

The project page (sort of):

Revenue Share "IF"™ project gets in anywhere or even further away gets released.

Drop me a line or not =)
This literally means: “Contact me!” via email, social, snail mail, air-freight… in a shipping container if no other way. As FinalBarrage mentioned earlier.

Thank you for reading.

Contact me [email protected]

I dont think thats how it works, you should contact him.



I think your concept looks interesting. I have used blender for about one year now, and I think I am pretty good at modelling Basic stuff. Just send me some design templates and i will try my best at helping you.

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Cool, thank you Bro! Welcome to the Forums here. Hope you are going to have a blast. :slight_smile:
Wanna create something like this, with a little bit of advancement to it?:

I am basing this on what you have written, that you are a savvy on basic stuff… projectiles should do, eh?
I need UVs laid out at bare minimum the same to sharp-seam/edges marked.

Are you with me? :slight_smile:

edit: oh, and if you are still interested, let’s use Private Messaging from here on, to keep this Forum happy and smiling.