Interested in PSDevKits? get'em here.

I’ll be honest, I was going to keep this to myself. But I soon learned that I hadn’t a clue
of what I was doing. Then after a couple hours the realization settled in that I’m no programmer, I haven’t a clue and I’m utterly lost. then at which time I closed everything down and went back photoshop and cried…

I know there are people here interested in this sort of thing, so maybe someone else could benefit from this, It’s just out of my league to try and figure out.

[[URL=]Link deleted](]Link deleted[/URL)

Let me know if you are able to get it up and running, enjoy!

Is this legal?

Not sure. But for 347 mb of downloads I sure will read it all of after I download everything some time. Not today though.

Just reading the documents from Sony and codewarriors were amazingly enlightening and opened up so much insight that wikiepedia has no idea…sorry, I’ve removed the links to the software in question as it was probably in poor judgment to post this here.