Interesting article about internet friends

I think this can apply to a lot of the people here. Check it out, and interesting read:

You agree? Disagree?

I’m in favor of online communities, but think it is quite sad that a random face on the web could mean as much to a person as real people they see every day

Agreed… to a degree…
Good online communities (such as are like the new pub or church to our societies now. I think people do share more knowledge and build friendships through these mediums without the traditional barriers that people have face-to-face.
In a positive way, I’m glad nobody even thinks about colour, religion, sexuality, family income or any of the other things that devide people in real life, but rather we just all get on and do our thing. The internet is a level playing field in that respect.
In my eyes, the places on the net where it does go wrong are the places where everything is done for money. Sites that charge you too much for what should be free, or force advertisement upon you in a big way. But just like in real life, you will find just as many if not more charletons on the net.
Leave them run around trying to take advantage of people… we all know where the good stuff is at :smiley:

I hate to tell you guys this, but I don’t really consider any of you to be my friends. This is no meant to offend anyone, but I’m the sort of person who needs to be able to read people’s faces to discern their thoughts. Because I cannot speak with any of you directly I have never really felt truly close to anybody on the Internet (with maybe the exception of one girl I once met – she had a great sense of humor.) To me, someone could not be a friend if I have never spoken directly with him or her – though I do appreciate hearing what you guys have to say.

I feel about the same as Waffler.
I am the kind of person who needs more than verbal communication to feel a bond with someone (be that on a business level, a casual level or even a romantic level). I’m rather tactile and if I can’t touch you, you don’t exist to me in a certain way. Not that I don’t recognize you guys as humans, but that is alas my character.
And I really HATE not to be able to communicate through body language. I really feel handicapped without it.
The only people I really communicate with via the internet are those I know from places like school, the community and such.
On the other hand, we never were able to talk to people from America, Australia and Japan at the same time. Our society is truly becoming multi-cultural now! We have all kinds of religions, political ideals, colors and such here (even though religious and political topics are forbidden here for understandable reasons).
Contact and projects are a lot easier now thanks to the internet. We can now all develop a program no matter where we are, as long as we have a computer and internet access. Yup, that’s what many people said was a temporary fad.
In the end, both are good in their way but face-to-face contact is vital to our health and sanity, internet communities are not.
That’s my humble opinion.

I agree with the above two posters. I’ve never really considered anyone on the internet a friend. the closest I’ve ever come was with a gaming buddy i had for like 2 years, but even that wasn’t a big deal. the internet is not a good medium for friendship, imo.

Yeah, I have to agree with Wafler, I think you guys are my enemies…

Just kidding - but… I think bulleting boards aren’t as “a/live” as chats, like #blenderchat.
I consider a couple of people my buddies there, and I think they know it. But on elysiun, you don’t really chat with people, it’s not real time and it’s turn-based. Like writing letters, correspondence. You dont have to be there in order to get a reply.
You dont have the feeling of “beeing there”, you just write stuff into it and see what others will write in correspondence. Like throwing rocks into a basket and then checking what kinda rocks other people have thrown. Bulleting board.

is it wrong to consider anyone on these boards to be “friendly acquaintances?” i only have about 3-4 friends in real life, and personally i find conversations to be stunted over the internet, without being able to see other users, or, as Charlesworth999 said, the lack of body language. i normally talk with my hands (not that i punch and slap people, i just move my hands in accordance with what i’m saying). this method allows me to make very convincing statements (don’t know why, just got magic hands), but this “power” is inhibited by the limitations of the internet. that, and as Falgor said, the whole “this is not instant.” for all i know, this statement could have been very outdated before i posted it, though i’m certain i’ll know when i’m done.

Agreeing or not ? Well, at first, I agree totally with julesd-g6 for his first part (++), I would like to be able to say more about his evocated money aspect, and regret his conclusion (in French: “francherment populiste”).

Looking at all your other answers, and to their unanimity, I don’t agree sufficiently, so, never mind, I’ll don’t care to ‘play’ the devil’s advocate :

Internet is simply a media, which also reflects the society, like newspapers or TV… The main difference is that me, you, every one can interfere and express himself !!!.. (in fact that’s a bit utopian) => other induced questions :
=> What ever each one wants to listen and/or say, in life, on Internet ?..
=> As in real life, do we really think that we may obtain more than what we give ?..
=> ?.. ?.. ?.. ( I don’t feel to express more my reflection… )

At last, my simple whitness: " I have met on Internet some of my best friends " !..

Gyan, I’m not entirely sure what you are saying about me. I don’t ever remember expressing the opinion that the USA is in any way better than anywhere else … unless that is not exactly the point you are trying to make?

I do appreciate hearing what you guys have to say. I read many posts made by many people. I also read a couple blogs, but I don’t consider the writers of those to be friends. They may say many interesting and informative things, but does that make them friends of mine?

I tried finding those posts you referred to, but I’m not sure what you are talking about. I can say this about my own posting habits, though: I am more likely to write a post when I disagree with a statement someone makes. If I agree with what was said then my opinion has already be represented so there is no need for me to state it. That’s the way it goes. I also post when I either feel I can help someone in some way or when there is something I want to talk about and read the viewpoints of the people here. I’m not sure how my posts is all to different than a lot of people’s.

Seeing your posting habits, Gyan, 99% of your posts are either graphics (primarily in the graphics only thread) or deleted by yourself. I have a feeling that this graphical post will soon be deleted, if you continue your own trend.

♪♫ you guys are my best friends
through thick and thin
we always been together
were 20,459 of a kind havin
fun all day laugh’n around and
pilen a way just best friends

i love you guys

We love you too, Sago!

We love you too, Sago.


Aw, Rocket man beat me to it!!

Now, if you insist by insinuating that my own trend (graphics & communication) could lead this thread to be deleted, simply because of your feeling, it would be a stupid waste for plenty people. In this case, please, just let me know, I’ve plenty other things to do, with plenty more nice people than that, and it could even benefit to accelerate the progress of an idea that this damned thread made me find.

What??? I think you’re overreacting. You’re mad at me because I thought R2D2 had a resemblance similar to a trash can? Anyhow, there have been plenty of robots listed previously, so would changing direction have been such a bad thing? The only reason I posted the bear in the dumpster was because I didn’t want animator’s picture to turn into a string of posts about puking – animals are a better alternative. Anyhow, there had been worse pictures posted by other people than the two I put down.

Waffler, one thing is true : there has been lot worse pictures than that…
By example I always felt guilty for a terrible cliché of torture in Vietnam… but it didn’t express the least bit of disrespect for anyone, my main intent being by that time to express how the fast sequence above could be understood as irresponsible, immature and worrying, at least for some victims (or just whitness) of such horrors. I regret a bit having been a killjoy for people just playing, but I wish they will all visit Auschwitz one day…

For the rest, keep your dustbins if you want… On my side, I have erased nearly all about this. Looking at your reaction, it seems it had no more sense and utility !..

Can somebody help explain to what Gyan is trying to say to me? Is it just me, or does anyone else think it’s all just coming out of left field? I somehow made a new enemy without doing anything! What does Auschwitz have to do with Vietnam? How did Vietnam even enter into this conversation in the first place?

Note, however, what I predicted to happen has happened. Gyan had deleted (in part at least) his own post (post #9). He also modified his other post (post #15), changing it to read differently. He use to have a link to, I’m beginning to think that Gyan himself might be a “Flame Warrior.”

Don’t feed the troll, Waffler :wink:
If someone is stirring up trouble for the sake of it, ignore him.
It’s not always easy to do that, I know. But they’re just the the hackers of the BMR… people without a life who need attention and self-assurance.
That was not personal, Gyan! So don’t take any offense; there was none intended.

Trying to shorten and stop this microscopic affair, and to let you do the necessary for BMR (if you have to) :

Certainly not an ‘enemy’!.. But I can’t see how succession of ‘eating in dustbins’ clichés could have positively contributed to that thread. As you had said before “there has been lot worse pictures than that”, I was agreeing by giving the sample of an horrible picture about torture in Vietnam which I regret to have used far up in this thread. Though I had good reasons to do so (cf. prior post)… Between Vietnam and Auschwitz no relation : except that cliché in Vietnam recalling how humans may fall into barbarity…

Wow ! Your interpretation of my edits is completely unfair : With the will of appeasing I have blanked all my reproachs against you !!! Now, if you ask me politely by PM (no use to spoil here more), I will edit back my posts

Me neither, I don’t want to feed the troll !.. And since last § of Waffler, and after the eventual restoration he may ask me (quickly), I wil return to my initial reaction : ignoring him and his Art definitively.