Interesting Discovery

I don’t know if this is a well known fact, but I discovered it and thought it was cool so I figured I’d share it.

So I was messing around today trying to get some cool reflection effects for my wallpaper when I discovered an interesting use for the glass shader. If you make any object, apply the glass shader, and place it over the camera, you can make a bent or kaleidoscopic effect. Here is a rough example I made as a proof of concept off of an old model of a cup that I made for my first project. I included both the original and modified version for reference.



Obviously, the second one is not very good, but I do see some potential here.

The camera angles are the same on both.

Interesting, I cannot view your pic

Yep, can’t see either picture.

I think since they are a new user (2 posts from what I can see), they can’t post images yet. You need 10 posts I think before you are allowed to post images.

Yes you can build a complete lens system complete with caustics and refractions BUT it takes ages to eliminate noise :frowning:

I’m a new user. I can post an image.


I ran into a similar issue of the images not showing up, maybe you are having the same problem. What I ended up having to do was go through dropbox. However, you have to modify the shareable link that it gives you. At the end of the link remove ?dl=0 and replace it with ?raw=1. This makes it so it loads just the image instead of the dropbox comments page. Otherwise the website can’t extract the image from the link.
Then when you select to attach file from a link, un-check “Retrieve remote file and reference locally”.
The only thing you will have to be careful of is how many files (especially if large file sizes) get viewed per day. If you go over 20GB worth of data transfer per day (total, not per file), dropbox will ban/lock out your links as described here.