Interesting first encounters with a certain term/concept before you knew what it was?

And I mean before you knew what the term/concept was before you knew what it was, your interesting first encounters with certain terms and concepts.

Here’s my first encounter with the concept of 3D rendering, this was at least 10 years ago when we were on our second family computer, I was likely only around 10 back then.

The first encounter with that concept was when we got a Jack Nicholas golf game that has a course editor, obviously I took a liking to editors and wanted to explore the editor more than playing the actual courses that came with the game. The course editor has you laying down all your holes then going to hole after hole raising and lowering terrain and placing lakes, trees, the path and other props from an overhead 2D rendered view. The terrain height was shown as different shades, the trees and props were shown as 2D sprites (which back then I didn’t know what a sprite was)

I didn’t know what all the menu items did, so I didn’t know what the item ‘rendered view’ would do until I clicked it, which made everything 3D and how it would be in the game. I thought, even though I didn’t know what rendering even meant, that the menu item, when you clicked it, made everything all pretty and made it how it would be shown in the game. I still didn’t know what the term meant, but if I wanted to see it how it would be seen on the screen when playing it, I clicked the rendered view item and explored around my 3D hole.

This was the first time I created anything related to 3D, even though I didn’t know the 3D terminology and didn’t know what a polygon was or why it was important to watch poly count, but I knew what I could do with the editor based on what the different things did without knowing the terminology.

Any of you have any stories?

I gave a speech at Moscone Center in San Francisco on Object-Oriented database connectivity. Afterwards, one of the attendees gave me his business card, and at the bottom under his phone number was this line "[email protected]" and I remember looking at that and thinking “what the heck is that?” and then immediately “gee, if I ask him what the heck that is, will I totally blow any authority points I just got giving my speech?” I asked anyway, and he said it was the latest thing, to send messages over DARPA*Net, which they could do, because they got a government grant and contract.

I said, “you mean that silly little comm thing that the scientists play chess on?” (because I had been working at the Naval Underwater labs where we had DARPA*Net (all we ever saw was an occasional E2-E4 over the teletype) and he said yes, all government people could now use this mail protocol to send ASCII messages, instead of using the slow government interoffice. I remember looking at him and saying “Free Mail?” and he nodded, and I asked “Without the post office?” and he nodded and I said “Holy smokes, that could be big. I mean, electronically delivered mail - that’s huge!”

I still remember that moment. The rest, as they say, is history.

…lol. I was stumped at the sight of blender first time around, too much of 3dmax experience earlier, and it took a month of Sundays before I picked blender up again.

In keeping with the technology theme, I remember seeing Wargames when I was a kid. I had some computer at the time… not the TRS80 they showed in the movie, but a color version that came out a few years later… I think it was around the time the movie came out…

Anyway, I remember seeing him use his phone to call other computers and communicate with them and I was totally blown away. I had to have one. A few years later I had a P166 with a 28.8 modem and was BBSing my ass off. Probably tripled my phone bills in the process, but I got to play Doom and door games and all kinds of neat crap. I still remember the day when I snagged a copy of the Quake demo off a BBS… blew me away. Real 3D! Dynamic lighting! Particles! HOLY CRAP.

Yeah, it was awesome times back then…

Lol! I can relate to many of these posts so far…makes me feel old.

I guess I was probably 11 years old. I had a commodore64, anyone here heard of that? :slight_smile: I had a modem on it, with a cradle for the hand-set–much like that seen in the movie Wargames. (tx for that Squiggly_P!) My commodore ran on 32 kilobytes of ram. I bought books on how to program in BASIC and ML to make my own games. It got me started I guess. Anyway.

I had this game called “A Bard’s Tale”. It was much like the old “text adventures” like Zork, but with graphics. Wow, was I inspired. Keep in mind, 3D graphics were well established already, as I had flight simulators and stuff that were 3D, but I was fascinated by this one game, because I thought maybe I could achieve this style. It was displayed like modern first-person RPG’s, you could “walk” through towns and dungeons, etc. I wasn’t even aware that there was a whole branch of mathematics devoted to achieving this…I was 11.

I spent hours, upon days, upon weeks, trying to render 2D images with perspective to imitate 3D. I remember thinking…geez there has to be a better way to do this!

That was in 1980. Things have changed a little. Once again, interesting/excellent thread, CD!

Hi there, in my case with 3D, it was a slow transition. But the thing that started it all was the disney’s version of Tarzan. Man! this movie blew me away. I had just completed my twelfth standard and instead of preparing for college entrance examinations, I started drawing and kept watching the movie whenever it came on TV, drawing inspiration from when ever the batteries went low. And slowly, after two years, I shifted to Maya and then finally to blender. That scrawny free software. But I should say, b. never stops to surprise me even after being so used to it. Now whenever I see Tarzan, I still feel the thrill going over me. The movie that started it all!


The first time I messed around in Blender (back in 1999, version 1.6 or something) I saw this button called UV and thought it meant ultraviolet! But it didn’t do anything when I pressed it. So I was disappointed. (I didn’t know any 3D terminology back then.)

The first time I heard of blender was about a year ago. I started with spore and made cool looking monsters…lots of fun, so I looked for a good 3D software and there was blender!!!

And the first real 3D game I played was on my mothers macintosh back in the day. She had a cowboy game called. Dust: The Tale of the wired west. That game was cool, and still is. It came in 1995…:rolleyes:

I wrote my own games on an atari 1600 or 2400 - you could script a driving game in like 20 minutes LOL!