Interesting Game Animation Question

I attached a file in which I was creating a character in, which happens to be a bat skeleton. I was messing around with the shrink wrap modifier, and I noticed something that would look really good for animations in the game, it almost looks like natural electricity, to show you what I am describing, when you open the file, select the red mesh object, rotate it on it’s “Z” axis. My question is how ould I be able to get the mesh to mimic these patterns, or what would be the easiest way to animate this on an IPO. One thing I thought of is copying multiple meshes before I shrink wrap it and then put each one in different stages of the rotating animation, then applying the modifier, but is there a way to make an animation form from one mesh to the next? Thanks for the help, also if your press “P” to play it, you will notice that the game ignores the opened modifier, I was also wondering if there was a way to keep the modifier active, thanks…

Here is the file, I had to lower the quality of the model, I didn’t know we couldn’t post things over 1MB, lol… I only reduced the skeleton’s poly count.


Bat Skeleton2.blend (610 KB)

This is definitely an interesting idea, and worth more experimentation. As for your question about using it in the game engine, I could be wrong, but I don’t think it’s possible since it’s a modifier.
As an unrelated side note, I would suggest you clean up your geometry a bit, the polygons seem to be quite stretched.

I had to lower the quality to post it on here, but it is possible to create multiple stages of the animation, but it would have to be more that one mesh, I was wondering if I could transform one mesh into the other using keyframing, say one mesh is frame 1, and frame 10 is another mesh, these would all be after the modifier is applied for each frame instance. or is there a way to cycle meshes? That would help also… Oh yeah, if you animate it outside the game play mode it plays through what I am trying to achieve with it…This is only 1/100 of the final quality I would put into it by the way, I currently have a very high quality character…

I’m sure there is some way to cheat it, but the easiest way I can think of is to simply render the electricity out as an animation, and then use the render as a texture in the game engine.

Do you know of any good tutorials for animated textures? I will try both, I am decent at abusing programs lol… It will be really interesting though, I might have a game electricity tutorial out soon…