Interesting idea for Skin Texturing

Here is an interesting idea that seems to work. I’m not sure how well, but it seems to work…

As I’ve read, human skin consists of 2 distinct layers: Epidermis and Epi-something else. The Epi-SomethingElse is basically red geliton. The Epidermis is nearly transparent and sort of an off white in color.

So, what I did was create a plane, dup it, set it just before plane 1. Plane1’s material is nearly completely red. Plane 2 was off white and nearly transparent.

I came up with a color resembling human skin.

The actual color is then controlled by the alpha on the second.

I’m not even an intermediate blender user yet so I’ll have to try and figure out how to play with things so that it can use only one mesh… I know it has to be possible.


Can we see what you have done?

This sounds a bit like the reneissance painters did skin; an underpaint that is red, and a glaze above with white paint. Sometimes they put a light green earth colour first, then a pale red glaze (red and white pigment mixed).

I’d like to see, too.


landis did a thread where he made some realistic skin and tissue. i can’t remember the name of it though.

the URL is here :
but im not sure of this is what you were thinking about…