Interesting idea

I was wondering, is it possible to make a cinematic cutscene or animation in blender and export it or integrate it into a game engine such as the Unreal Engine?

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Short answer: yes. You just need to know what video codecs the game engine supports for cinematics… and encode your animation according to that spec.

I think what he’s really asking is whether he can export an animated scene to render in-engine, not a video file.

Honestly I’ve never actually tried. If what you mean is two talking characters, then sure, I think that’s possible. The characters will still have separate animations but you can trigger them at the same time. If you mean a wild race through town with stuff exploding everywhere with particle systems and physics and whatnot, then probably no, you’ll have to set most of that up in unreal.

Pre-rendered is a lot easier.

Thanks for the replies. Basically a team is making a game in the Unreal Engine, I don’t have access to the engine but I am to do the cinematics for it, I wanted to use Blender to make the cinematics for the game. It doesn’t need interaction with the game, just like an opening video for it and maybe a couple small cutscenes. But it’d have to be bundled in the game, so like if it was on a platform like Play Station 3, it’d need to be attached to the game or coded into it.

To make it simpler make an animation, put it into the engine, play it when someone starts the game.

Just make it a pre-rendered cutscene. All you need is a video file.

Great, thanks.