Interesting Mocap add-on for Blender

This looks good. It even does hands. At this time it is still in development.

I have a concern though. “Requires Blender 2.9+ or 3.0 with elevated privileges.” At gumroad,, it says that is needed to install the addon. Why does it need to run as admin to install?

Blender has to be started with elevated permissions in order to install the required packages opencv and mediapipe via the add-ons preferences. Internet connection is required to install the required packages. To access the webcam feed blender has to be started with elevated permissions.

They’re here:

Thanks Viktor_smg. So, internet and start as admin to install. Then start as admin is needed but internet is not to use the addon. Elevated permission to use the webcam is good for security and privacy.

I might try it when it is a full release if it does full body plus hands. I’ll research opencv and mediapipe for security and privacy issues. The program itself will probably be great for us low budget hobbyists.