Want to help with a movie? Please PM me for more information. I would like to have some help! If you are going to take the idea, STAY AWAY! Just for the sake of us all.:smiley:

well i got a model if you wanna use it
just finished rigging her tonight :smiley:
heres a pic

Sorry not the kind I need. Try a 13 year old boy. Okay?


Seems like a good project. All the best. I can’t help at the moment, but I think you are onto a great thing. The prophercy spoke of someone like you, and lately the signs have right. With the moon at it’s zenith, storm clouds in the horizon and the crows hovering nearby.

heh okai
might take a while tho that was my first bi-ped beleive it or not lol
there gonna be a cat in it anywhere? or a dog?
i really feel like making one :smiley:

I could fit one (or more) of each in. If you want?

This is an open forum. You should say what idea you have. I would really like to help you. :yes:

If you already PM’d morgorath12; please tell me about his idea over PM. Ok pal;).

LubeyRin don’t! He took my other idea!

heh dont worry i know as much as you do on this one
i really would like to know what the story is more or less
(dont worry im too lazy to steal anything :P)

ah… well if its a private message its private i guess

I will send you some pms soon.

Stop trying to get ideas. I have learned my lesson.

Want to help?

Damn! This is so mysterious!!

I just got an idea!!!

Its about this captain that is obsessed with killing a whale, now this particular whale already got his leg and his watch so the funny thing is that they can hear the whale when it approaches the ship… beep… beep… beep… (yeah you wouldn’t be expecting tic toc right)
Well at the end of the movie there are only 3 guys left and the boat, I mean the ship, is sinking so the captain throws this oxygen tank in the whales mouth but then we hear a voice from inside the whale from some guy named janes or junes whatever his name he was the victim of a prank from god after 3 days he was commanded to get out of the whale but guess what he decided to stay, well to get back to the story Jonah screams to the captain from inside: “Don’t be an idiot if you shoot the tank it wont explode it will only made a funny noise like pshhhhhh, that only happens in tacky movies”

At the end everybody gets married and live happily ever after…


I just hope James Cameron is not watching this thread…

DreamWorks Studios buys the rights to Redwall movie trilogi.

Welcome to the internet.
I hope there are no hard feelings. :wink:

Hard Feelings? Heck YEA! It would be interesting to see it done by a pro. I want a favor from you. PLEASE???

I was joking. From the very beginning. :smiley:

Go figure! CAn you still do me a favor? I really need one. Boy do I feel stupid.:spin:

LubeyRin, that’s an interesting model, have any animations of her?