Interesting physics based clothing creator

This is pretty cool looking. It’s a fast cloth sim that is also a clothing creator. Seems to be just getting going, and works with DAZ characters currently.

It made me think of clothing for MBLab characters, and how neat it would be.

That’s really neat – I wonder how much it will cost?

It’s $10.00 a month. I joined his Patreon. It is coupled to DAZ characters, but exports OBJ. It is already UV’d, and with material-zones assigned. All you have to do is drop on your favorite cloth material.

And it is wicked-fun!

The software is built using the Unity engine and should “just work” on Windows, Mac and Linux.

I’m even more impressed by that. Brilliant.

Edit: Just looked through his page and the developer seems very cool. Especially how he writes like a human instead using fancy salesman lingo.