Interesting problem

I just recently downloaded Blender (awesome program so far!) and I ran into a problem… So I came here to get help. Well I made an account and attempted to go to the support forum to ask a question about Blender, and every time I open the link I somehow end up logged out… I figured this out after attempting to start a new thread in the basics and interface forum (this is about the grid in Blender) and it said “you are not logged in,” and after logging in it once more prompted me with a login screen.
The one forum I need to create a thread in prevents me from doing so… how ironic.
I tried making this site always accepted for cookies and also I logged in with “Remember me” selected, and neither has fixed the problem.
Any help from BlenderArtists staff would be greatly appreciated. :smiley:
Edit: Oops, I’m sorry :frowning: I should have put this is the site questions forum (you can plainly see i’m a noob to Blender :p)… Although I assumed that that forum was not going to accept my loging since I thought it was the entire support forum area…